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Conversation Between Quarkboy and miroku2192
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  1. miroku2192
    2011-02-27 02:16
    That is so awesome man, I so envy your abilities! Wish I could learn japanese well/had someone to practice it with. I've picked up a few words and phrases by watching anime, but I wish I could understand something without the subs. Not to mention, I feel that even though translators do a really good job subbing, there's still some "meaning" that can be lost in translation simply due to how the language is. Which is kind of unfortunate because I really appreciate language and how it can be used, so I wish I could understand Japanese in its full glory :;(
  2. Quarkboy
    2011-02-26 22:18
    About 3-4 hours for translation/timing. Then an editor goes over it, and fixes issues/also makes suggestions for better wording. Then it's quality checked and that's it.
    Actually my editor for this show is another pro translator so he serves as a trans check as well.
  3. miroku2192
    2011-02-26 22:01
    Oh wow, even more badass haha. Very nice! How long does it usually take you to sub an episode?

    Also out of curiosity, when you translate, how much of your work gets edited by an editor? Or do you have the main say in it since you know the original language and its specific meanings/connotations?
  4. Quarkboy
    2011-02-26 21:23
    I'm not a fansubber, I'm a pro translator. See my signature, for example.
  5. miroku2192
    2011-02-26 21:05
    Oh so you're a translator eh :O? Which fansub group do you work with?

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