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Conversation Between Quarkboy and Arabesque
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  1. Arabesque
    2017-06-27 15:30
    Now that's an old name I haven't seen in a while!

    hey, how are you doing ? Seen you lurking in the FGO thread, so figured I'd say hello
  2. Arabesque
    2012-04-20 08:31
    I wanted to ask some questions about Cardfighter Vanguard if you don't mind

    I know that I probably wouldn't get an answer for the first one(you wont be able to give one) but I have to ask, Is there a chance Vanguard might be picked up by Crunchy at any point?

    The second is about your appearance on ANNCast (I sent questions BTW, Zac chose not to read them for some reason), about the producers removing the word damn from the translated script and you objecting to it ... is there any relation to the show constant usage of the word near it's conclusion ?
  3. Arabesque
    2012-03-06 14:15
    Hey, I wanted to ask to be sure, but are you going to be the guest for the next ANNcast episode?
  4. Arabesque
    2011-03-13 20:12
    I'm glad to hear that you're alright. Has the area you're in been damaged severely?
  5. Arabesque
    2010-12-25 03:11
    Marry Birthday ~
  6. Arabesque
    2010-09-23 20:12
    Just dropping by to give my thanks for all the work you've put into Heroman
  7. Arabesque
    2010-06-20 08:25

    Got it, thanks
  8. Quarkboy
    2010-06-19 12:41
    Er, personal->purposeful...
  9. Quarkboy
    2010-06-19 12:28
    I don't have any inside knowledge on whether that was a personal reference.
    Personally I think it's pretty obvious .
  10. Arabesque
    2010-06-19 08:03
    If you don't mind me asking, I was wondering after reading this post on the Heroman thread regrading this scene if it was an actual allusion to Spider-Man?

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