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Conversation Between Kirika-chan and Fate21
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  1. Fate21
    2009-06-20 08:35
    I'm sorry, did i made you mad?
    (sure it's hard to befriend with someone if we don't have something common *sigh)
    But i love Nanofate
  2. Fate21
    2009-06-19 03:35
    ...............hey..............flirt with me?
    Haha, i'm just kidding LOL (so that we don't lack of conversation, just play along and don't get offended kay )
    I thought about what to say to start our conversation last night
    But maybe i kind of want to know your reaction too.......Huh? Are you blushing?
    Sorry if my english is not fluent XD
    By the way, your avatar nice too, it's like you always cheerful (It's not a flatter, its a fact)
  3. Fate21
    2009-06-18 12:32
    Me too like Feito-chan
    Can we befriend? By the way, i think your name is cute, i like calling it, really

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