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Conversation Between Sobresaliente and grylsyjaeger
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  1. grylsyjaeger
    2009-12-04 15:11
    Things are pretty good. Still watching a bit of anime and such; Saber from Fate/Stay Night is my current fancy.

    So cute...

    What about you though, mate? How come you haven't been around until now?
  2. Sobresaliente
    2009-12-03 23:58
    Sup man, havent been on here in a long while. How thing?
  3. grylsyjaeger
    2009-03-16 03:28
    I'll beat FMC and post the link, Sobre.

    And to keep up with the latest translations:
  4. Sobresaliente
    2009-03-15 02:15
    fair enough lol....
  5. grylsyjaeger
    2009-03-15 01:58
    Sorry mate but Valkyria Chronicles outranks anything else I know...
  6. Sobresaliente
    2009-03-15 01:34
    Ava change?????
  7. Sobresaliente
    2009-03-14 01:12
    oh i totally agree, im not into that but i like looking at sexy anime chicks haha Everyone has quarks lol BTW might need some backup in the "Kaname vs. Tessa" topic... i have a feeling im gonna get destroyed lol
  8. grylsyjaeger
    2009-03-14 01:11
    Haha, I still look at those sorts of things with disdain but seeing stuff like that makes me laugh and such makes me feel happy. You know, if that makes any sense...
  9. Sobresaliente
    2009-03-14 01:04
    OH you like the dirty models... lol anime chicks are hott dont get me wrong (thinks bout that stuff, and looks at what you linked me.... drools ), but im not totally into that kinda stuff lol
  10. grylsyjaeger
    2009-03-14 00:51
    The PVC figures are already assembled and painted.

    This is the Rei I've got.

    And this is the Saeko I've got coming.

    They're a little pricey but I've found them to be quite interesting on the bookshelf.

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