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Conversation Between Sobresaliente and Full Metal Coast
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  1. Full Metal Coast
    2009-12-07 23:04
    Full Metal Coast
    so what have you been up to lately mate.
  2. Sobresaliente
    2009-12-03 23:52
    I have not been on here in forev! How goes bro? Checked out that Zac Efron bullshit, what a tool show. LOL
  3. Full Metal Coast
    2009-04-07 04:13
    Full Metal Coast
    Dude what the fuck check this shit out
  4. Sobresaliente
    2009-03-17 09:47
    lol it doesnt help your 14 or 15 hours ahead of me LOL! but yeah, take down my AIM or MSN name, im usually on (whether im there or not) and message me when you might go on and shtuff
  5. Full Metal Coast
    2009-03-17 01:43
    Full Metal Coast
    man dont worry about it today ill load it on my computer at work for tomorrow.
  6. Sobresaliente
    2009-03-17 01:30
    lol damn... it is 2:30 am for me you jerk! lol... ugh i will wait haha
  7. Full Metal Coast
    2009-03-17 00:02
    Full Metal Coast
    name is Parko but im not going to be able to get on for a few more hours
  8. Sobresaliente
    2009-03-16 23:50
    dude what is ur name? and did you join onyx server? thatis what im on
  9. Full Metal Coast
    2009-03-16 20:32
    Full Metal Coast
    Just Joined DOMO
  10. Full Metal Coast
    2009-03-16 05:20
    Full Metal Coast
    sup holmes heres that stuff
    i tried DOMO but it wasnt working

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