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Conversation Between Jan-Poo and Tyabann
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  1. Tyabann
    2010-04-23 19:23
    That's... that's pretty awesome of you.
  2. Jan-Poo
    2010-04-23 18:00
    Ha ha, you don't want love in your mistery?
    I'll tell you a secret:

    what's written under my sign reads:

    "ai ga nakereba yokatta"

    which means:

    "without love it would have been better"

    I thought it was funny that by simply changing the last word you can totally change the meaning ^^;
  3. Tyabann
    2010-04-23 17:11
    I don't like LOVE in my mysteries. I generally agree with Van Dine more than Knox.

    I understand what you're getting at, and I also understand that my impression of Ep6 as being terribly written and heavy-handed has a lot to do with /jp/'s initial reactions, and that I'll probably enjoy it when playing it a lot more.

    But I just do not like the stuff that's revealed in Ep6. The crap about Featherinne and Shkanon makes me physically uncomfortable.

    But, again, you're right. I'll probably like it more when I actually play it.
  4. Jan-Poo
    2010-04-23 16:09
    You know sometimes I wonder if it's really good for you to read the spoiler thread before playing the game. Your opinion of the events described could change drastically if you were to fully understand the context.

    Has it ever happened to you, that someone tells you the story of a movie he didn't like, and as he tells you you think that it's actually BS, but then you see it and you realize that it's actually a lot better when you see the events in their proper context?

    Well I'm not really trying to tell you that you should stop reading the spoiler thread, actually I just wanted to make you think about that.

    EP6 has been one of my favourite episode so far... even considering all the pain at translating so much stuff when I'm in need to check almost every word... It was still awesome... seriously. But you need to see the scenes by yourself with the music playing... and man "Life" is Dai's best music ever.

    All these discussions about shkanon and non-shkanon are spoiling a great experience imho. It's as if people after reading Romeo and Juliet were nitpicking about the fact that Verona is nowhere close to the sea, completely ignoring the rest.

    Try to forget all of this stuff when you'll read EP6. Make your mind become a blank slate and just accept what you are seeing without biases. That's my suggestion.

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