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Conversation Between Jan-Poo and Dr. Akagi
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  1. Dr. Akagi
    2011-01-06 16:04
    Dr. Akagi
    Best of luck, then. I'm confident you can pull it off.
  2. Jan-Poo
    2011-01-06 16:00
    You know... I think I actually said this in another instance, but I don't remember where or when... Mammon's trial is something that "happened" that way rather then being completely planned. Okay it all started around the idea to create a riddle where the pin code would be the solution. But I wasn't even sure I wanted to do it. When I had already decided every other trial, Mammon's trial was still uncertain. I was still looking for alternatives until I finally decided that I couldn't find anything better.

    And then it just developed in the most awesome thing that I wrote. The chessboard thinking in the end wasn't even planned. The grid was supposed to be 10x10. It became a 8x8 after I added a new hints that was necessary to lower the possibilities. And everything followed naturally.

    The various situations, like that psychological battle between Battler and Beatrice weren't planned either. To sum it up... Mammon's trial was supposed to be something short and lighthearted like the previous ones.

    My major qualm after seeing how it became was.... "Damn! Now how the hell I'm supposed to write an ending better than this?"

    Because... the climax must be at the end of the story not in the middle.

    But well... I think I managed to pull something really good, for the final showdown. It isn't anything like Mammon's trial, it's different in many ways, but yeah so far, I love it. I can't wait to see the reactions.

    Now I must try not to mess up the final scenes...
  3. Dr. Akagi
    2011-01-06 15:10
    Dr. Akagi
    Yeah, I knew about Yatawhoever, it just that all 07Expansion seems to conflate in one hateful image of R07 for me right now. And I was not talking about the technical complexity of the work you did, I praised your ingenuity. For example that last bit of pt. 2 with that pincode number, I can honestly say I had to pull my jaw off the floor. I never saw it coming. And I can hardly recall anything as impactful in the sound novel itself. So this, good sir (or madam), was a great achievement.
  4. Jan-Poo
    2011-01-06 13:40
    Well actually I think Ryuukishi doesn't do any scripting at all.
    You can actually notice that by looking at the various notes that are left for a second party to use and convert them in a visual format.

    And even the wiki confirms that the scripter is Yatazakura, which is Ryuukishi's younger brother (nobody ever mentions him... even BT was more famous...)

    Anyway... I don't really think I'm better than them. There are some effects that they can make that are really very neat in comparison to mine. I also tend to use the same transition effects over and over while the original game varies a lot about it.

    But regardless of that I think I managed to pull out a few ideas that even them didn't think to make. That is even more true for part3, you'll see.
  5. Dr. Akagi
    2011-01-06 13:19
    Dr. Akagi
    btw that last pincode puzzle in part 2 was pure genius. Looks like you know your way around Onscripter better than R07 himself.
  6. Dr. Akagi
    2011-01-06 13:16
    Dr. Akagi
    I'll have my fingers crossed than.
    Can hardly wait. After a royal screw-up that Ep8 turned out to be, you are my only hope for anything good Umineko.
  7. Jan-Poo
    2011-01-06 12:47
    Very soon. Very soon.

    You can check my blog for the updates. It says that the final showdown is at at 60% but it's almost 75% now.

    and since you said that thing... I think you deserve this anticipation for unintentionally quoting (paraphrasing) one of the climatic scenes that I'm writing:

    `I won't allow that!`@` No matter what, I'll never let this happen!`@` If you deny my gold truth, I'll never forgive you!`\

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