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Conversation Between Masterkeyes2 and Dean_the_Young
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  1. Dean_the_Young
    2009-12-14 11:40
    If by abroad you mean "Auburn, Alabama," yes. Otherwise, no.

    Tenjou Tenge is shounen. Not the best, either.

    Sounds like you had quite the year of anime. I... did not. Finished 00 and Code Geass in the spring, rewatched some old American cartoons (Megas XLR, Samurai Jack), saw a quarter of Romeo x Juliet as well. Only saw the last two/three episodes of Eden: was not expecting an episode of 20,000 naked dudes. Kind of felt sad for the best-friend guy (the one they thought got caught by the Johnny-snipper).

    Oh, shite, how could I forget Library Wars? That was great! (Though I was disappointed they didn't have hand grenades and mortars. )
  2. Masterkeyes2
    2009-12-14 03:36
    Are you studying abroad?

    Never heard of it. Is some form of harem/love comedy or shounen?

    I love Index to be honest. Other shows I have seen lately are Darker Than Black, Twelve Kingdoms (Best character development ever), Seto no Hanayome, Seito Kai, TTGL (hot-blooded action is hot-blooded), all the Garden of Sinners movies, finished the Fate Stay Night VN, Library Wars, Big-O, Berserk, and Hajime no Ippo.

    Eden of the East was so trippy (JOHNNY!) but it had a good solid story. Didn't feel much love for some of the character, at least the heroine but I liked Akira. Hopefully the movies will live up to my expectations.

    On the writing been doing a bit-here and there-and trying to get some chapters in for an original story (fantasy in case you are wondering).
  3. Dean_the_Young
    2009-12-08 18:33
    I watch middle-aged asian men do complex math at a wonderful place called College.

    I read Tenjou Tenge; I'm actually at the latest chapter, or was a month or two ago. Not the most consistent, but I felt sympathy for Masaka. He needs more love (from a girl).

    Recently watched To Aru Index (good basis, muddled execution), and Eden of the East (20,000 naked guys in the last episode. Wait, WAT?)
  4. Masterkeyes2
    2009-12-08 00:36
    So what are you up to? Haven't seen you in a while. Watching anything new? Oh and if you haven't I recommended the Kara no Kyoukai movies. God-tier that stuff is.
  5. Masterkeyes2
    2009-05-10 23:52
    That's why it's an AU rewrite more or less. Why would I use the same exact scene that cannon used? Of course no one would pass up that opportunity to kill a million fake Zeroes but it doesn't matter because such an opportunity doesn't exist for what I have in mind. I see your point but fan fiction for me is using your imagination and trying to think outside the box.

    Funny the characters are what sold it for me. I was a helluva a lot more emotionally invested in the guys of Mithril than I was of those in Celestial Being and the Three Power Blocs from 00.
  6. Masterkeyes2
    2009-05-09 21:46
    Well her busom isn't large. You can't really tell because they dress in fudueal era clothes, lots of layers. It's actually nice seeing a character that doesn't have a ridiculous bust size.

    I have so many projects to work on for writing.

    -Code Geass R2 rewrite which makes Monica, Knight of Twelve in cannon, the Lancelot pilot after Suzaku dies in the standoff. Several plot-points that rewritten are the Geass plotline thus changing Schniezel, Anya, Charles, Bismarck, C.C., and Marianne's part in the overall plot.
    It also pickups right after the finale with the Black Knights pulling a victory over Britannia with the aid of the CF. Some aspects are the same as cannon, specifically Lelouch joining Britannia in some way and leaving the Black Knights (but he actually built a small loyal faction). The big difference in the betrayal is that Kallen is the one leading it.

    -Full Metal Panic TSR AU fiction which involves Sousuke going over to the dark side for a while then slowly redeeming himself.

    -write a one-shot for The Twelve Kingdoms.

    I am dropping the Gundam 00 AU because I really don't care to write about the series after seeing that ending.
  7. Masterkeyes2
    2009-05-09 03:36
    Personally I think I would rather stay with the plane plugging into the water but I haven't been put in a situation where I would be forced to make a decision like that.

    But I do wish you luck in your career choice. Just don't get yourself killed. I'd hate to find
    someone else to talk to on here.

    It seems like plenty of companies are doing that now to deter people from d/ling illegal subs.

    Speaking of anime with good character development I highly recommend Twelve Kingdoms. Just finished and it is one of the best anime's I have watched in a while. Plus for once the female protag isn't as flat as cardboard (personality wise).
  8. Masterkeyes2
    2009-05-02 13:05
    Ah, wow I feel like I should of know that.

    Maybe next couple weeks when I have enough money from my job. The prices look reasonable. Anyway good luck with your Airborne Training-you have more guts than I do to be able to to jump out of a plane.
  9. Masterkeyes2
    2009-04-30 23:23
    So you were in ROTC for the Airforce then? For some reason I kept thinking of you as an Army guy.

    I wonder if they still sell Digimon on boxset. Right now I am watching Pandora Hearts, I like the art and music.
  10. Dean_the_Young
    2009-04-25 13:41
    Actually, I did pick up a new series. I'm currently on volume 15 of Tenjou Tenge, a fighting/heavy ecchi manga series.

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