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Conversation Between Gault and grylsyjaeger
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  1. Gault
    2011-06-06 08:40
    RMC is 18 months of Kapooka
    "we salute the rank , not the man" will be a common scenario for you
    and I don't laugh at your dream , met many with the same goals
    also as someone who worked at SFTC helping out with the Commando and SASR candidacy program , i say you'll need ALOT of luck , no matter what Rank you are , you're going to be treated like dirt , Officer rank or Soldier Rank , I'm not trying to put you off but you need to know the reality of it all , I wanted to get into T.A.G East when I joined , after SFTC , literally said "fxck it"
  2. grylsyjaeger
    2011-06-06 04:57
    Yeah, I realize that, GSO has my ROSO at the minimum of nine years.

    Call me out on this but after growing up playing war games and watching movies, I've always wanted to be a soldier.

    Don't laugh but my dream is to join the SASR one day.
  3. Gault
    2011-06-06 02:49
    ARA Engineering , however worked with SFTC for awhile instead , i heavily advise you only join service if you REALLY REALLY want to do it, enjoy limited freedom and want to sign your life away , its not a glorious career
  4. grylsyjaeger
    2011-06-06 02:36
    Heh, I brought most of my models off Maelstrom too! Did a bit of an order before the restrictions came into effect but I don't think I'll ever need to buy any more models.

    As for Tau bearing skin, I too have no intentions of any of my Fire Warriors without a helmet. Even tank crews. You've got a helmet for a reason so use it. Hah.

    And military service? What branch? I'm apply for GSO in August. Been pissed a bout with some family issues when I tried a couple of years ago and had to wait until now.
  5. Gault
    2011-06-06 02:19
    I got out cause military service and I got kinda ticked off with Forgeworlds customer service , also I bought all my models from Maelstrom UK as Australian prices are almost 150% of UK and US prices , however Maelstrom won't ship outside Europe anymore cause of said region restrictions , tips? you a patient hunter or out for the hunt?

    - Fish Of Fury hard.. Taus Firewarriors have best basic rifle out of every army , only that they can't aim properly cause they don't have Noses , think of it as shoving a Stuka Halftrack right infront of an enemy platoon/squad and having a bunch of Waffen SS hide behind it firing STG44s against a platoom not knowing wtf to shoot cause theres a Stuka/Devilfish in the way , enemy will have to take a leadership test to shoot past that Devilfish , if you're within 12inches then the double shoot rule applies but not to them

    - since Tau infantry don't have heavy weapons , CRISIS SUITS ARE A MUST , Fusion blasters if you think theyre going to get in close range , Plasma Rifles for the heavier units to take out(Tanks etc) , ( best you get rare earth magnets so you can customize your crisis suits for any situation )

    - DO NOT take Pathfinders IF you have a small army , theyre not worth the points and the extra devilfish , Sniper Drones are good for picking off people you don't like , don't bother with Pathfinders equipped Rail Rifles cause their objective is the whole Markerlight thing

    - Stupid Tip which is a hit and miss to victory , Sacrafice an Ethereal , every Tau will go into a frenzyy getting re-rolls

    other than that I hate/discrimnate against Kroot and Vespid units(also Tau units bearing skin) , however I will take Imperial Guard auxillaries instead
  6. grylsyjaeger
    2011-06-05 08:31
    Thanks for the offer but I've got more than enough clutter of my own!

    Any reason you got out? I only started in Feb and did a bit of a buy up recently with all of GW's new region restrictions. I think last count I could amass a Cadre just shy of 4000 points.

    Also, if you got any tips I'm all ears!
  7. Gault
    2011-06-05 06:04
    dont play anymore but long time ago had Tau aswell and Slaanesh Chaos for Fantasy , just like the paints for other uses , don't mind giving it to you for a small price or even free , get rid of my clutter
  8. grylsyjaeger
    2011-06-04 09:35

    Saw your post in the figures thread and noticed a couple of a GW paint pots. Out of curiosity what army do you play?

    I'm slowly working on a Tau army. And I mean slowly...



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