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Conversation Between Kang Seung Jae and FoxxFireArt
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  1. FoxxFireArt
    2008-09-16 20:39
    So that really is suppose to be a conversation they have? That's weird. Kallen hasn't betrayed the Black Knights from what I know.
    I haven't seen episode 23. Did Gino ever address Kallen as Onee-chan during their talk? That just sounds a little too polite for him. He always addressed Milly by her first name with no honorific. I remember that really irritated Rivalz.

    I always thought the separate faction was off. Even more so when I thought that it was Sayako who ran away.
    It's weird though. I looked on the official web site's chart. It shows Sayako on Lelouch's side, but the picture makes it look like she's dead.
  2. Kang Seung Jae
    2008-09-16 20:20
    Kang Seung Jae
    It was from the Animage magazine.

    It didn't necessarily conclude that the three made their own faction, but that's the conclusion I made (and which got shot down )
  3. FoxxFireArt
    2008-09-16 19:44
    Someone directed me to a posting of yours. There is some confusion.
    Is this conversation from some magazine spoiler, or did you make it up?

    It felt made up to me seeing how Gino dressed Kallen by Onee-chan. I know he's younger then Kallen, but not by that much.
    Also wasn't it already proven that Kallen didn't betray the Black Knights. Wasn't it also shown that Kallen, Gino, and Anya didn't make their own faction?
  4. FoxxFireArt
    2008-09-15 23:04
    You'd think someone must have complained to draw that much attention on what they said. I think I heard he was only banned for a few days.
  5. Kang Seung Jae
    2008-09-15 22:46
    Kang Seung Jae
    The mods are clamping down anyway. I've nearly gotten an infraction for saying that the banning of Var will not be forgotten in vain >_>
  6. FoxxFireArt
    2008-09-15 22:45
    How off topic could he of gotten? People talk off topic all the time. Hell, it's common in the Kallen room.
  7. Kang Seung Jae
    2008-09-15 22:43
    Kang Seung Jae
    On Var: Something about posting off-topic stuff. Probably connected to extremeist CluClu fans.
  8. FoxxFireArt
    2008-09-15 22:27
    Hey, I was going through my Friends list and I saw it says that Var was banned. Any idea what caused that?
    I'm avoiding watching the last three episodes. I'm staying out of the threads to avoid spoilers. I have no idea what people are talking about right now.

    To answer a question you posed earlier. It was in episode R2 7 that Lelouch went all down and emo over Nunnally last. Episode 8 was the million Zeros. Episode 9 was that famous near missed kiss scene with Kallen.
  9. Kang Seung Jae
    2008-09-11 23:52
    Kang Seung Jae
    What do you think of my latest speculation?
  10. FoxxFireArt
    2008-09-09 00:45
    The Declaration thing is idiotic. It's taking this WAY too far.

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