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Conversation Between Kang Seung Jae and FoxxFireArt
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  1. Kang Seung Jae
    2008-09-08 22:31
    Kang Seung Jae
    Declaration of War from the Holy Kalulu Empire

    Greetings, citizens of the world, the Holy Kalulu Empire declares that it will no longer tolerate the attacks on the sacred truth of Kalulu. Since the beginning of the Second Era, the Messiah, Lelouch Vi Britannia, has been constantly connected with the Red Lotus. Although circumstances has managed to constantly prevent their unificiation. However, with the final fall of wings, we have seen how the Spirit and the Messiah has been able to overcome the obstacles.

    Heretic have said that the emotionless face of the Messiah truely shows that he does not care for the Spirit. However, this is certainly a denial of truth, for the Messiah is going down the path to hell, and does not wish to bring his beloved with him. Even the so-called Matriarch acknowledges how the Messiah behaves, in the sacred records od Stage 15.631:

    C.C.: He (Zero/Lelouch) won't involve the women who are truly important to him. In other words, I am completely out of his consideration.

    The Messiah is kind, the Messiah is caring, the Messiah is not willing to let those that he loves down the path of destruction which he will go to save the world. Even if the Holy Spirit tried to hang on to the Messiah, the Messiah will continue on, leaving the Spirit in safety. That is the objective of the Zero Requiem: by destroying himself and his Disciple, the Knight of Zero, the Messiah will bring peace to the world, by being the Demon. Those who do not believe in the pure spirit of the Messiah, and follows the corrupted Matriarch, are going on the false way. Only the belief of love, only the belief of hope, only the belief of sacrifice will show the true light.

    Therefore, we the Holy Kalulu Empire, hereby declares war upon the heretics of the United Federation of C.C., and will go on to victory. Do not let the lies of the world blind you, do not let the false light lead you down the wrong path. There is only one truth, the truth of Kalulu, and we will march to victory for our faith.


    How do you like it?
  2. Kang Seung Jae
    2008-09-08 00:49
    Kang Seung Jae
    Basically, Lelouch said that what he is doing could help realize Suzaku's and Kallen's goals.
  3. FoxxFireArt
    2008-09-07 19:28
    Do you happen to know what Lelouch said in the extended preview? He says something about Suzaku and Kallen, but I don't know enough Japanese to follow it. That line wasn't in the regular preview.
  4. Kang Seung Jae
    2008-09-01 20:45
    Kang Seung Jae
    I love your latest 4 Koma.


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