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Conversation Between Kitsune and Solafighter
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  1. Kitsune
    2010-05-07 01:29
    Great, tell me if you like it xD
  2. Solafighter
    2010-05-06 17:13
    Thanks a lot about the info. Im gonna give it an try, soon.
  3. Kitsune
    2010-05-06 13:21

    that's not a girl xD

    That character appears in "Baka to test to Shokanju" (idiots tests and summoned beings) it's one of the most hilarious animes of the past season, I really recommend you to watch it ^^

    Ops sorry, back to topic, That character's name is Hideyoshi Kinoshita and, in theory, he is a boy, but everybody treats him as if he was a girl, as the series goes on he ends being considered as a new gender (as a sample, in public baths, there are male baths, female baths and Hideyoshis baths xD).

    I don't want to extend anymore since Ir eally loved the series (I like funny ones with cute characters xD ) and think it'll be better you see by yourself.

    Hope this was of some use ^^
  4. Solafighter
    2010-05-06 09:32
    The girl from your signature, who is this? ( ^ _ ^
    Thanks a lot in advance.
  5. Solafighter
    2009-02-20 08:18
  6. Kitsune
    2009-02-20 07:26
    Hi there ^^

    Thanks, it's form a compilation of mecha musume pics the Chaos made it ^^

    BTW I also like yours School Rumble is one of my favourite animes ^^
  7. Solafighter
    2009-02-20 07:22
    interesting avatar, you have.
    I like it.

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