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Conversation Between UltimaWolf and Star-Wing
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  1. UltimaWolf
    2011-07-16 19:23
    Not too bad, just been busy with work and trying to catch up on older anime I never seen before. How have you been?
  2. Star-Wing
    2011-07-08 06:56
    How is it going?
  3. UltimaWolf
    2010-10-11 23:46
    Ah, well atleast you tried. Sig still looks good.
  4. Star-Wing
    2010-10-11 04:02
    SweetPrincess: Very nice Teresa siggy. I like the effect, though is the bright glow near her hair suppose to blend in? 8.9/10
    Let's just call that a failed attempt at lightning ^^;
    (Well, I did try to put a light source there -.-)
  5. UltimaWolf
    2010-10-07 18:41
    Thank you very much! I love them, you did a awesome job.
    Thank you for taking two of my requests
  6. Star-Wing
    2010-10-07 04:54
    Oh, and you are using my sig
  7. Star-Wing
    2010-10-07 04:41
    I couldn't decide which one I should do or what theme I should follow, so I did two ^^;
    Both of them are rush works, around 15-20 mins each (including the rendering -.-).
    I hope they are ok

  8. Star-Wing
    2010-10-05 05:11

    I hope so too :3

    You can pick whatever you want and I will try to make a sig of it. And you can pick a style too, and I will see if I can copy it ^^; I guess I might have a couple of hours tonight or tomorrow. I need to brush up my PS skills
  9. UltimaWolf
    2010-10-05 01:32
    Your welcome, you deserved it.
    I'm sure he will be back soon!
    Sure, though I know you are pretty busy. Do you have anything in mind or want me to pick one? Just let me know whenever you have free time or are bored.
    Take care!
  10. Star-Wing
    2010-10-04 20:30
    Thank you so much <3 And thanks for the vote too :3
    I hope Kaze does come online in time to decide the theme >.<
    He's been AWOL and I am getting worried...

    And...I can make you another sig if you want (rather than the bioshock one ^^; ).

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