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Conversation Between Nina.Wolken and Koveras Alvane
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  1. Koveras Alvane
    2010-06-28 09:57
    Koveras Alvane
    That is quite an accurate assessment of both NanoFate and his forum's relationship to it. ^^
  2. Nina.Wolken
    2010-06-27 22:37
    Oh sure most people I know are all for a confirmation of the NanoFate relationship, but I was speaking of this particular forum where a lot of fan of the serie seem to simply abhor the pairing (I know there is reasons for that but steal >.>).
    I would be so happy to see the end of that shipping war u_u'' (not that I still see a reason to fight after what we've seen in ViVid realy XD)
  3. Koveras Alvane
    2010-06-27 13:57
    Koveras Alvane
    You welcome. ^^ Actually, I think a lot of people would like to see NanoFate legalized (except for a handful of stubborn heretics who still ship Yuunano and Chronano). ^^
  4. Nina.Wolken
    2010-06-27 12:06
    Thanks Koveras =) Just to know that I'm not the only one here looking forward to such an announcement is really comforting. Maybe I shouldn't get my expectations too high, but that certainly made me curious (┃x┃*).

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