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Conversation Between lequory and MAQI
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  1. MAQI
    2009-01-02 19:42
    To all my friends on AS, I wish you all health, happiness, and success in all your endeavors in the new year!!!!
    Your friend MAQI...
  2. lequory
    2008-06-26 10:40
    Bleach 316 ~Credit to Drake at Pantip

    At Karakura Town, the spirit pressure of Aizen and all his suboridinates together is amazingly powerful, so much so that low ranked hollows within a distance of 22 kilometres are scaredly shaking and some of them even explode because of this heavy spirit pressure.

    "Damn his spiriual power is like a demon as usual" Omaeda Marejiyo says while trying to hide his fear.
    "You can run away if you are scared" Soi Fon replies sarcastically.

    "Should we deal with the head first?" Iba Tetsusaemon asked his captain, Komamura.

    "No we can't. Aizen's ability is more special than any regular ones" He replied. "If we want to concentrate on defeating him, we need to finish defeating everyone around him first."

    "Among the three Espadas, who do you think is the most capable one?" Kyouraku asked his best friend (Ukitake) who is standing beside him.

    "It's difficult to say..." The 13th devision captain answered "... we probably need to ask Aizen.."

    "The problem is.." Hitsugaya states, "There is nothng to guarantee that while we are fighting with Espadas, Aizen won't intervine."

    "...yeah that's it" Matsumoto answers him.

    Despite all the comments, the general commander Yamamoto Genryuzai Shigekuni shows no reaction. He contemplates the situation for a while and then orders everyone to back off.

    Suddenly, he releases his Shikai. At that moment, the flames start to build up like a wall surrounding Aizen, Tousen and Gin.

    "Joukakuenjou" Yamamoto states the name of his technique. "Now, Aizen and the others will not be able to get out of there for a while. So in the meantime...."

    His eyes move to the Espada's "we should finish it all."

    "He makes such a quick action.... Our big commander..." Ukitake complains.

    "Just by this, you can see how fit he is." Shunsui smiles with relief.

    "Heww so hot." Ichimaru Gin complains even if there is no worry in his voice. "Such a great efforts for us, General Yama Ji... " He turns to ask his boss "So what should we do? Captain Aizen. Like this, we can't join them."

    "We don't need to do anything" is the answr from Aizen. He smiles calmly "Because this fight will end without having us intervene at all. That's it."

    The scene changes to Las Noches at the fifth tower.

    Orihime is facing Ulquiorra

    Through the darkness in the tower, he is walking towards her quitely. However, Orihime doesn't try to escape because she knows he can catch her anyway.

    "Are you scared?" He asks.

    There is no reply from her. Orihime just stays still and watches him.

    "Now that you have become useless to Aizen-sama, I don't need to protect you anymore" Ulquiorra says when she doesn't reply.

    No answers from her. She is only being quiet and staying still.
    "This is the end" He pressures her "You will die here alone without anyone knowing."

    After his speech, he comes to a stop in front of Orihime. His emotionless eyes make contact with hers in a very close distance.
    "I asked" He asks her again "Are you scared?"

    Orihime stands there with her eyes on his for a while before replying to him without any fear in her voice.

    "Not at all" Her voice is surprisingly calm "because everyone came here to help a person like me..."

    Faces of her friends such as Rukia, Renji, Ishida, Chad and Ichigo come to her mind.

    "My heart now has gone to where my friends' are."

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