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Conversation Between Spags and HayashiTakara
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  1. Spags
    2008-10-22 17:41
    Sorry about not being able to make it yesterday i ended up not leaving the school till like 7:00 -.-; 9:00 to 7:00 what a day lol, but anyways will have to chill sometime, make up for not being able to make it. I'll let you know when school slows down, just backed up with engine proofs needing to be done soon x.X
  2. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-14 02:15
    heh, I see thats cool then. btw, my AIM is HTakara82
  3. Spags
    2008-10-14 02:14
    Wall Old Redmond Rd runs through the edge of Kirkland, and yea staying with adults is a bother, but the ones i stay with are rarely home and if they are there actually pretty cool people. I mean the husband is like a major sci-fi freak and hes been one ever since hes a kid, so hes like an adult version of us, not to mention he watches anime too so no complaints here
  4. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-14 02:08
    Oh wait. Old Redmond Rd? And you're still considered Kirkland? thats odd. The townhouse I stayed at was off Willows. Before that though I stayed at Bellevue Meadows a block from the school.
  5. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-14 02:07
    heh, yeah that is easy, lucky for you. But you can't do much huh? I never liked staying with adults. I had the opportunity to stay with some family friends too, but I didn't want to. I'm to use to living on my own.
  6. Spags
    2008-10-14 01:58
    Live off 148th down Old Redmond Rd, I actually stay in a house, friends of my family let me stay in a room in their house, i got it easy lol, no apartment payments heh
  7. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-14 01:57
    Oh ok, all the way down 148th? last year I lived in the town houses right by scarborough.
  8. Spags
    2008-10-14 01:54
    Right on the boarder of redmond, i'de say im more or less in redmond than kirkland. I basically live 5 mins from the main campus
  9. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-14 01:52
    yeah, buses are pretty slow, so I'm glad I have my junker, lol.

    How far down kirkland you live? closer to redmond/bellevue or a little further down?
  10. Spags
    2008-10-14 01:49
    That's cool i wouldn't expect dp students anyways lol, and its like an hour bus ride, so not to to bad. At least the getting there part, the back home might probably be a difficulty because buses don't run after 12. But im sure we can work something out, my first class Wednesday starts at 12:30 so i got most of the morning too.

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