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Conversation Between King Lycan and GuidoHunter_Toki
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  1. GuidoHunter_Toki
    2009-05-30 16:03
    eh, not much. School is winding down so I'm ready for summer.
  2. King Lycan
    2009-05-30 11:56
    King Lycan
    Hey Whats up ....Couldn't recognize you for a sec lol
  3. King Lycan
    2009-03-04 22:31
    King Lycan
    So the best advise would be to buy a new router.. sucks
  4. GuidoHunter_Toki
    2009-03-04 22:25
    No, but I figured out the problem its a problem with my router. There is a connection problem and I can't find the install disk which I would need to help fix it. Also I can't directly hook my PS3 to my computer without disconnecting the internet because I don't have enough plug in slots or something.

    The point is that there are lots of problems with how my router is working and how its hooked up to my computer.
  5. King Lycan
    2009-03-04 22:15
    King Lycan
    Get it fast ..
    Did u fix ur PSN issue yet ?
  6. GuidoHunter_Toki
    2009-03-03 17:14
    No, but I'm scrounging up some money to try and get it.
  7. King Lycan
    2009-03-03 12:46
    King Lycan
    Yo .. Got Killzone 2 ?
  8. GuidoHunter_Toki
    2009-02-10 22:04
    Well I just got the Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box and so I've been playing that a lot. Besides that ahnging with friends and I've recently become addicted to this boardgame called SolarQuest.
  9. King Lycan
    2009-02-10 21:01
    King Lycan
    i know
    You ?
  10. GuidoHunter_Toki
    2009-02-10 20:50
    Still got a ways to go then, but it'll be worth it.

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