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Conversation Between King Lycan and GuidoHunter_Toki
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  1. GuidoHunter_Toki
    2008-06-20 14:58
    Thats right he was pretty much the only character I believe they didn't show at the end.
  2. King Lycan
    2008-06-20 14:52
    King Lycan
    Yea and they seem to have forgotten about Koga .that's F'ed up
  3. GuidoHunter_Toki
    2008-06-20 14:34
    Sesshomaru and Kagome were my favorites.
  4. King Lycan
    2008-06-20 14:31
    King Lycan
    ahh i still can't believe inuyasha is over
    Who was your favorite inuyasha character
  5. GuidoHunter_Toki
    2008-06-20 14:25
    Of course

    My favorites are Negima, Inuyasha, Elfen Lied, Chibi Vampire, Saikano, Uzumaki Horror mangas, and Mushishi.
  6. King Lycan
    2008-06-20 13:52
    King Lycan
    Well i'm watching
    Vampire Knight, Soul Eater, Macross Frontier, D Gray Man and Makai Senki Disgaea

    Do you read Manga ?
  7. GuidoHunter_Toki
    2008-06-20 06:35
    Well Soul Eater of course. I'm also watching Gundam 00, Kanokon, and Karin. SO those are the anime I'm watching at the moment. You?
  8. King Lycan
    2008-06-20 01:56
    King Lycan
    SO what shows are you watching right now ?
  9. GuidoHunter_Toki
    2008-06-20 00:25
    Same here l listen to pretty much any kind of music.
  10. King Lycan
    2008-06-19 21:57
    King Lycan
    Well I listen to everything from rap to rock from rock to Japanese music ..if it sounds nice and the lyrics are good i like it

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