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Conversation Between King Lycan and GuidoHunter_Toki
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  1. GuidoHunter_Toki
    2010-09-14 22:49
    School has been going on for me as well, however since I've got college classes spread out I have plenty of free time.
  2. King Lycan
    2010-09-14 18:23
    King Lycan
    I Man I'll Send You A Request When I Get On
    And School Just Started So I've Ben Busy With School Related Stuff
  3. GuidoHunter_Toki
    2010-09-14 15:50
    Hey man haven't talked with you in a while.

    Got my PS3 online so you should drop me a friend request. MyPSN: CDwaver

    So what you been up to?
  4. GuidoHunter_Toki
    2010-06-18 20:23
    Finally got my PS3 hooked up online. My account name is CDwaver, so add me if you get the time.

    Also what games you play online still?
  5. GuidoHunter_Toki
    2010-05-31 23:54
    no, we don't got anything online, for whatever reason (my friend being lazy).
  6. King Lycan
    2010-05-31 20:03
    King Lycan
    Where You Apply So Far ?
    And I Do Good Memory ! Did You Upload A Track Online ? So I Could It ?
  7. GuidoHunter_Toki
    2010-05-29 23:26
    Not taking any summer classes, mostly trying to just find a job during the summer.

    As for the band, you mean my band? If so I'm surprised you even remember me mentioning that, but anyways the band is doing fine. We still play a lot of local gigs and occasionally get a venue in downtown milwaukee to play at. Our goal currently though is to be one of the many local bands that play at summerfest. It didn't happen for us this year, but there is always next year.
  8. King Lycan
    2010-05-29 19:26
    King Lycan
    Taking Any Summer Classes
    How's The Band ?
  9. GuidoHunter_Toki
    2010-05-28 12:37
    I've been mainly trying to find work so I can start working up money for some of my own stuff, like Adobe Flash and a wacom drawing tablet.

    The job search hasn't been going too well though.
  10. King Lycan
    2010-05-28 07:07
    King Lycan
    Summer Break Just Started For Me Last Monday
    I've Just Been Working Now , Saving Up For A New Car . You ?

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