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Conversation Between King Lycan and The Chaos
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  1. King Lycan
    2008-09-09 14:03
    King Lycan
    My mouse got messed up..
    so i didn't get online yesterday
  2. The Chaos
    2008-09-08 00:47
    The Chaos
    Did you Watch it yet ?
    and Thanks For The Cookies ^_^
  3. King Lycan
    2008-09-07 16:50
    King Lycan
    Good Night
    Im going to watch CG Now
  4. The Chaos
    2008-09-07 16:02
    The Chaos
    I'm Going To Sleep Now ...Good Night ~_~
  5. The Chaos
    2008-09-07 15:36
    The Chaos just Understand women now
    Btw ..The Sub Is out While ago
  6. King Lycan
    2008-09-07 15:23
    King Lycan
    No point arguing with you ladies so stubborn >_>
    And no haven't seen the raw yet ..
  7. The Chaos
    2008-09-07 15:17
    The Chaos
    lol...What Zas-Chan Said your Secret is Safe
    But you Didn't See The ep yet ?
  8. King Lycan
    2008-09-07 15:12
    King Lycan
    I said he should join gino's side like what kallen did...
  9. The Chaos
    2008-09-07 15:09
    The Chaos
    lol...Don't Get angry at me are The one Who Said Wanted Suzu With Gino XD
  10. King Lycan
    2008-09-07 15:06
    King Lycan
    I still am >_>
    And im not a yaoi fanboy

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