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Conversation Between Anima and Gooral
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  1. Anima
    2012-05-29 23:23
    I am a member there already (also Anima) but I hardly ever visit forums these days..
    Thanks for the heads up, nonetheless
  2. Gooral
    2012-03-07 05:16
    Hi. In case you're wondering, Animesuki users from Claymore forum migrated here:
  3. Anima
    2009-08-19 05:02
    You know, if you compile all of your posts it would make one great source for facts & observations even for those who don't believe in Teresa's superiority (TO ALL ).
    It would make one hell of an article!

    Although most of your posts are "tl;dr"-provoking, I do read them because you think before you post. I truly enjoy your posts.
  4. Gooral
    2009-08-18 08:07
    Heh, thanks.
    I must say that it wasn't wasted time (even though I know that besides SS no one reads my posts . ). It's interesting that every time when I start the same old debate I notice sth new and I'm starting to love Teresa even more . My last posts will make a good addition to "Myths and facts about Priscilla vs. Teresa battle" once I'll select more solid arguments. Some day I'll probably update it and write it in the Teresa/Priscilla thread.
  5. Anima
    2009-08-18 07:17
    @Gooral: Such a loyal solider!

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