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Conversation Between WarriorKK and Oblivion
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  1. Oblivion
    2011-11-04 10:28
    May I ask what's that noise that pops up every little while inthe link you posted? It doesn't bothre me but I'm kind of curious as to what the noise was. :P
  2. WarriorKK
    2011-10-19 23:06
    Rika feels her condition not good, especially whenever she meets Keiichi. She tells to Hanyuu to get an advice, and Hanyuu says that Rika falls in love with Keiichi. At first, Rika didn't believe that can be happend. However, the more bad Keiichi she knows, the more awesome Keiichi she realizes, as Hanyuu says.

    At school, looking at Rika's reaction, the girls know Rika is one of them. They share their feeling, and make a plan (I translated to this far)... (I'm not sure which plan they do), but Rika thinks she doesn't want to win, she wants to leave Keiichi to other girls. And Hanyuu can't accept that thought. She advises Rika and makes her realize how to fight for her personal love.

    The club activity is end with Rika is the loser and Keiichi is the winner. According to the rule, it should have been Rika carries Keiichi on her back. But she can't (of course), so Keiichi himself does that...
  3. Oblivion
    2011-10-19 16:31
    Ah that's too bad. >.< Though you know Japanese well right? So if you were to translate it, it wouldn't be a problem? That's great still. And I can sort of tell what's gonig on with the story but can you summarize what's happening?

    And about Daybreak that's good. It looked like a fun game and I'm glad I decided to get it. And thank you for the link.
  4. WarriorKK
    2011-10-19 02:16
    Ahaha... Actually, I was translating that Kataribanashi-hen story. But when I came back from Japan journey, my comp was crashed. All datas (include the translation file) are lost... (_ _)"

    About Higurashi Daybreak, it's fighting + shooting game, so you don't need to know Japanese to play. Unless you want to play story mode. However, there's an English patch. You can get it from here: Or asking rogerpepitone-san for the lastest (unreleased) patch.
  5. Oblivion
    2011-10-18 19:56
    Oh and sorry for the dp, but do you know where I can get a translated version of this?
  6. Oblivion
    2011-10-18 19:20
    Do I need any knowledge of Japanese to play Higurashi Daybreak? I'm thinking of playing it.

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