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Conversation Between DeotoxSlayer and Jeffry2009
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  1. Jeffry2009
    2009-09-14 23:01
    Hello how r u? Forgive about last time that I've had some anger & over-emotional issues with some of my favourite shows especially gundam 00!

    BTW i'm currently watchin hayate 2nd like you I mean i've also collected some of their Drama CDs & Chara CDs from this show.
  2. Jeffry2009
    2008-11-24 21:08
    Hi glad to be here, Deo. i mean in the gundam thread.
  3. Jeffry2009
    2008-10-07 10:46
    Hi, did you saw the first episode of 00 gundam? i'm very very quite nervous about the new season of 00 gundam bcoz if i watch that show, my head turns out to be that last season incident you know about last time that i was whining about my 'mentally unstable' feelings. But PLEASE!! i've really need to look forward about what's going on in this new season of 00.

    Damn this photogenic memory!

    PS - Have you saw my new text signature? that's exactly what my problem was!

    Anyway oh yeah, I liked that saji new 'Kagami Arata' (KR kabuto) personality look.
  4. DeotoxSlayer
    2008-09-12 15:53
    Yea i'm planning on watching gundam 00 Season 2 as well. Oh and if you don't have any plans onw atching it yet I'd reall like to rEccomend Tales of the Abyss to you it's first episode air 2 days before Gundam 00 Season 2 and its also a 26 episode aniem seies to be made by Sunrise. I can't say anything about the Anime sicn eI haven't seen it yet butt he Tales of the Abyss game was amazing and the Anime is anything like the game I'm sure it'll be amazing and that you'd like it.

    I laughed at that too =p
  5. Jeffry2009
    2008-09-11 17:19
    Hi it's been a while. what are you doing now? are you gonna look forward for the next season of gundam 00?

    No wonder this show was all about hypocrasy of lelouch. but i'd never watched Death Note before but i don't know that show was quite popular. LOL.

    PS- I'm glad you're the kaguya fan. I was suprised & laughed myself that i compared that sumeragi's name between 00 & Geass to me.
  6. Jeffry2009
    2008-07-15 07:18
    Hi check out my family pics in my thread!
  7. Jeffry2009
    2008-07-06 21:17
    Hi, thank you for joining me as a friend. so if you want to ask something, feel free in my visitor's thread. thank you

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