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Conversation Between DeotoxSlayer and technomo12
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  1. technomo12
    2008-06-17 02:14
    tnx now atleast im on ep 2

    also dam what a plot twister hehehe memory loss and what the hell Brother???? what the hell happend to his sister???
  2. DeotoxSlayer
    2008-06-16 15:37
    If you check the Eclipse torrents theres hundreds of seeders you shouldnt have a problem.
  3. technomo12
    2008-06-16 10:14
    well that would be a gread help(still prefer direct Dl cuz hell torrent are too slow for me....No seeders)
  4. technomo12
    2008-06-15 21:28
    well i did finished code geass(wich was like............ man a whole 2 day experiance!!!)

    but the R2 i cant seem to find any were can you give any good site that has atleast good streaming cuz hell VEOH is not working on me!!!!!!!
  5. DeotoxSlayer
    2008-06-15 14:07
    Like BigDave said its Kaguya from Code Geass R2, since you probably havent watched it yet I reccomend you go watch Code Geass Season 1, and then catch up to the current season as quickly as possible.

    Oh btw its Deotox not Fetox...
  6. technomo12
    2008-06-13 22:01
    um fetox can i ask you whant anime is that character on your siggy and avvy cuz im recenly come to a brick wall and cant find any good anime to watch pls can you be a pal and tell me??
    if not sorry for wasting your time reading this

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