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Conversation Between Sol Falling and asam_laksa
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  1. asam_laksa
    2008-12-14 12:27
    These are the introductory paragraphs.


    I love Lelouch
    Even if Zeroís true identity is know, even if her father was killed by him, even if her memories (of Lelouch, I think) were to be erased, her feelings will never be erased.
    Because of her sincerity in pursuing the truth, her life was robbed off.
    The smiling face that Lelouch treasured a lot, will never return anymore.

    彼女の願いは ď契約Ēの遂行

    The girl who die and revived repeatedly becomes emotionless due to long time.
    Her wish is to see her contract being carried out.
    And the person who holds the key is Lelouch whom she accompanies.
    Her only wish is to see the contract being accomplished.


    Her older brotherís dying wish is her passionate goal.
    And that is for her Japanese mother to live like the others.
    For that reason, she decides to take on the fight against the imperial country
    Sharing the same passionate goal with the black devil (I think itís Lelouch).

    You mean, Lelouch only treasure Shirley's smiling face.
  2. Sol Falling
    2008-12-14 01:11
    Sol Falling
    Ah, so the two 'characters' would be Lelouch and Zero, then. That makes some sense, actually. Although it sucks in terms of having to buy two separate books, I sorta like how that emphasizes Shirley's death being the end of 'Lelouch', and of that event being the turning point for the series.

    Would there be some place where I could find these translations? I'd like to read it when it's done. Actually, I haven't even looked at anything beyond the first Sound Episode (I hear all six are out now?), so all of these extra materials have really got me lost.
  3. asam_laksa
    2008-12-14 00:35
    It's more of what each characters do in each episode.

    The only bad part about it is how they only stopped in episode 13, until Shirley's death, and didn't continue on after that. You don't know whether Lelouch died at the end of the series or not.

    The other official "Code Geass Character Guide: vs Zero".....they had mostly other characters that deal with Zero specifically. I wonder they would continue till episode 26.

    Not really impressive, my translation. I think. But it's better than nothing.
  4. Sol Falling
    2008-12-13 23:42
    Sol Falling
    hmm, you're going to try to translate it? That's pretty impressive.

    I'm not really that up to date on the extra materials: the way it's called "Code Geass Character Guide: Lelouch", does that mean there are guides for other characters too? Sounds interesting nonetheless.
  5. asam_laksa
    2008-12-13 05:23

    By the way, I bought Code Geass Character Guide: Lelouch.

    They are showing each characters, and how much they participate in the story. It's going to be hard to translate.
  6. Sol Falling
    2008-11-26 21:10
    Sol Falling
    I'll gladly take your compliment then.

    I live in Canada, you?
  7. asam_laksa
    2008-11-26 19:58
    Passionate fan yes, but rabid fan? I define them as people who snap everyone just because they feel threatened; their pairing that is.

    Where do you stay, which country?
  8. Sol Falling
    2008-11-24 11:42
    Sol Falling
    Heh, thanks. Although I am pretty rabid, if I come off as reasonable then more people will listen.
  9. asam_laksa
    2008-11-23 23:27
    Then, if I say.....Jump into the bed with me? I really liked how you defend ShirLulu without being sound rabid zealot fan.
  10. Sol Falling
    2008-10-18 03:54
    Sol Falling
    Take the initiative then and send a request. It's not like I'd say no. :P

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