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Conversation Between Sol Falling and kanon78
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  1. kanon78
    2010-03-17 04:44
    About Akuma to love song, it's too bad/unfortunately the scanlations are quite behind the raws. I've read some spoilers (on mangafox) and the story seems to keep it's nice flow&interesting plot and doesn't fall into the pits of mediocre shoujo's with (kinda) similar story. About the "love triange"; just like the one in KWMS (so actually non-existent). So far (some 10 chapters) I really like this story.

    Dengeki Daisy is truly one of the best romance/shoujo manga's I read. Because the scanlators of DD are really slow the raws are up to 31something chapters already. And by the looks of the raws and many spoilers/summaries on mangafox it only gets better (if you enjoyed it up to ch18).
  2. Sol Falling
    2010-03-16 19:06
    Sol Falling
    Hey; I went and read the first chapter of Akuma to Love Song since you mentioned it and thus far it seems pretty interesting. Although I'm not too fond of the artstyle, you're right about the heroine; she seems like quite a strong and intriguing character already. Going from the first chapter, I suppose we'll have that one girl becoming friends with the main character as well as a love triangle with the two guys, with the quieter one coming out ahead. The backstory with the former 'best friend' also seems fairly interesting, so I'm guessing that'll also recieve some focus as well. I guess I'll say more once I catch up to the current scanlations.

    I've also gone and checked out Dengeki Daisy, since our last conversation. I can certainly see the resemblance with Kaichou wa Maid-sama, although Teru and Misaki are somewhat different characters. I must say though, it's a newer manga than I thought it'd be, with only 18 chapters out so far. With Teru finding out Kurosaki/Daisy's identity only a few chapters ago I'm quite looking forward to their development.
  3. kanon78
    2010-03-16 02:34
    What do you think about "Akuma to Love Song"? I've just started reading yesterday and the story so far is quite engaging, if you don't mind a (serious) bullying at school sub-plot. I gotta say the main heroine is really something else.
  4. kanon78
    2010-02-16 10:44
    Ah, the red haired "princess". Yes I have it on-hold, I read a couple of chapters and I really liked it. I just don't wanna read it to the end of scanlations and have to wait for the real end, but I'll probably get back to it (soon) anyways (lol).
    I'm very biased about Cross Game, UnbalanceXUnbalance and Dengeki Daisy, I really like them a lot. If you like KWMS I'm sure you'll enjoy Dengeki Daisy.
    About Ux2, if you like a kick-ass male lead who isn't wishy-washy and sincere in the pursuit of his love and don't mind teacherXstudent, I'd say go for it because you wont regret it.
    Well Cross Game...I really love it... if you can enjoy a subtle romance, which isn't just a subplot but more like a character driven device than Cross Game won't disappoint you. I never was a baseball fan nor interested in it (never disliked it either) but the story is really nice. I was always from the beginning a KouxAoba fan, but to tell you without spoiling, Wakaba has a very significant role during the entire course (untill the final) for most of the characters and especially for Kou and Aoba.
  5. Sol Falling
    2010-02-16 08:58
    Sol Falling
    lol, indeed I haven't read any of those but Ux2 stands for Unbalance x Unbalance right? I've been meaning to check out Dengeki Daisy because I've seen it mentioned in discussions of manga I like a couple times so I might get on that soon. As for Cross Game, that was actually my first taste of Adachi and I never got past volume 1 of it. The girl's death was kinda just too sad and I didn't really know what to think about how there was still this huge chunk of over a hundred chapters left, and how supposedly the guy would fall in love with the younger sister or something so I just stopped reading. It seems like a really popular series though (anime too) and I've seen lots of people call it a masterpiece so I'm still a bit conflicted over it.

    Anyway, speaking of nice gradually developing relationships without wishy-washy/two-timing protagonists or ditzy crying damsels in distress, I almost sure you must already know of it but have you read Akagami no Shirayukihime? It's already one of my all time favourites for romance manga and one of the reasons I can say I really like shoujo, so if you haven't read it yet I would absolutely recommend checking it out.
  6. kanon78
    2010-02-16 08:37
    The thing I like (to see) in a romance manga is a nice (gradually) developing relationship between the guy and girl. No wishy-washy or two-timing protagonist for me. I'm also not too fond of harems for the same reason. I read a lot of shoujo's too, and there sure are nice ones, but I dislike the typical cliches in shoujo (ditzy/all the time crying girl/damsel in distress who likes to be treated badly by the bad guy protaganist who only lusts after her and shows (practically) no sign of affection towards her.
    LIke I said I like a lot of romance manga's, but to give you more insight in my taste I'd say my favorites are Cross Game, Ux2 and Dengeki Daisy.
  7. Sol Falling
    2010-02-16 08:17
    Sol Falling
    Hmm, I have seen GE around on various manga sites, so I might pick it up sometime. Somehow I got the sense that it was a harem based on the title (from visual novels and stuff right?) but now that I looked at the tags it doesn't seem so. As for romance mangas, although I do read quite a bit of shounen and seinen, most of my romance mangas are all shoujo. Maybe it's actually that for romance, I prefer shoujo manga style but I might be interested in some recommendations for shounen or seinen romances (hmm, shounen or seinen mangas that focus exclusively on romance are pretty rare, aren't they? I've heard a bit about Adachi Mitsuru for shounen romance, but not much other than that).

    Actually, lol, I've just realized that quite a few of the yuris I've read fall under the seinen category so that might qualify as 'seinen' romances. Does that fall under the 'romance' mangas you read or are you mostly interested in the het stuff?
  8. kanon78
    2010-02-16 07:56
    Oh, my mistake no GE ( I'd like to suggest to read it) .. it's gotta be at least/definitely KWMS or Watashi no XXX (this thread for sure) I am reading them, but probably I've seen you at some others too. I like to read romance manga's (shounen, seinen, shoujo and even josei) as long as I'm interested/captivated by the story. Well, I gotta say I also read a few romance manga's that I couldn't rate higher than 4/10, but somehow I managed to finish/not drop them.
  9. Sol Falling
    2010-02-16 07:15
    Sol Falling
    lol...ah, couple of red lights going off already. :P Unfortunately, I've never read GE ('Good Ending', right?) so I don't think I've ever been in that thread. I am following/enjoying a couple of other romance mangas though so I think I've got the idea though (was it Watashi no XX no Kudasai or Kaichou wa Maid-sama maybe?). Anyway though, yes, of course I don't mind friending another person .
  10. kanon78
    2010-02-16 06:20

    Thanks for adding me ! I read some of your (interesting) posts before in a couple of romance threads (I was looking for spoilers I guess) so when I came across you in the GE thread I figured out why your name/posts where so familiar to me. Since we are reading some similar romance manga's I hope you don't mind.

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