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Conversation Between Sol Falling and Rising Dragon
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  1. Sol Falling
    2008-09-07 05:07
    Sol Falling
    Recent developments in the romance thread? I'm off to read!
  2. Rising Dragon
    2008-09-07 04:41
    Rising Dragon
    Its kinda funny to see a lot of people showing support of LelouchxShirley now.
  3. Rising Dragon
    2008-07-07 15:30
    Rising Dragon
    Well... I can safely say I'm angry at Sunrise at this point. I actually cried when the scene happened, and that's the first time an anime has been able to do such a thing to me.
  4. Rising Dragon
    2008-07-01 22:10
    Rising Dragon
    Here you go. Took me a while to find her post.
  5. Sol Falling
    2008-07-01 21:49
    Sol Falling
    Okay, so that seems to be the case...although most references to it in the romance thread have been deleted. I hopped into the spoiler thread but it is a little difficult to navigate; would you mind linking me to the specific sources regarding Shirley's fate?
  6. Sol Falling
    2008-07-01 20:41
    Sol Falling
    All this is making me curious. I think I'm just gonna bite the bullet and find out what the fuss is all about. If Shirley is actually going to die, though, then I admit I really just have no idea what Sunrise is doing.
  7. Rising Dragon
    2008-07-01 11:12
    Rising Dragon
    I don't understand why everyone is so convinced Shirley's going to die. I really don't. Its actually starting fights in the Spoilers/Speculations thread, and that's just pathetic. What proof does anyone have that she'll die?

    Oh, and apparently you've now got your own tag in the Spoil/Spec thread. Someone added the "Sol Falling crisis" tag last night.

    Edit: And now I know why. I seriously hate Sunrise right now. If you don't want to find out ahead of time, I suggest staying out of... well, just about any of the major CG threads.
  8. Sol Falling
    2008-06-29 22:45
    Sol Falling
    There's not that much you can do to argue against the show itself : anyone with half a brain knows that Shirley's not some useless character who only gets in Lelouch's way, so I'm glad more people are pointing out that there's no good reason for her to die.
  9. Rising Dragon
    2008-06-29 21:41
    Rising Dragon
    Yeah, most of the "Shirley will die" stuff is in the spoiler thread and the discussion thread. Annoying as hell, but plenty of people are trying to defend her at this point. All I can say is people should wait and see what'll happen, and I don't just mean next episode--I mean 6 to 7 episodes down the line. Its far too early to judge what'll happen now.
  10. Sol Falling
    2008-06-29 21:38
    Sol Falling
    Heh yeah, me too. I'm glad Shirley got the chance to speak from her heart, but more importantly, Lelouch BLUSHED! lol, that's the first time I can remember he's actually shown a reaction towards a girl.

    The 'Shirley's gonna die' stuff is pretty annoying; I've just been reading the romance thread, which hasn't had all too many posts (thankfully), but I'm about to head into the episode thread right now. It really is ridiculous, as there's isn't even any kind of hint as to why this might be likely to happen.

    :P I'd be pretty pissed off too. There'd be a bit of twisted satisfaction in knowing that Lelouch would be so broken that he couldn't go for anyone else, but in that case, you'd really have to wonder why Sunrise would do it--it'd serve no purpose but to make just about everybody (fanwise) unhappy.

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