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Conversation Between Sol Falling and Rising Dragon
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  1. Sol Falling
    2008-06-26 00:42
    Sol Falling
    Heh, so you mean to say that you had already decided on Shirley before we reached her arc? I admit I didn't start leaning any particular way until episode 12, and then episode 14 clinched it for me, all while dashing my hopes at the same time. Then the fact that she retained just a little bit of plot relevance raised them up again.

    I agree that the reemergence of her feelings in R2 suggests something, but I was still disappointed with how they discarded all her development. Episode 12 is a bit worrisome for me as well, but the way I see it it could also lead to all our wildest dreams coming true. Shirley needs to have some major screentime for anything to happen, so if she makes it through this, then I'll go all in and say she has a shot at the endgame.
  2. Rising Dragon
    2008-06-26 00:01
    Rising Dragon
    Yeah, when Mao made his move on Shirley and things started spiraling out of control for her, I sorta felt like my fandom got shot all to hell, and Lelouch's command to have her forget felt a whole lot like the final nail in the coffin.

    So I was surprised that in R2, Shirley had fallen for him all over again, and to me that looked like it had to mean something. As if Lelouch has always been an integral part to Shirley's existence. And episode 12's making me feel apprehensive when it concerns her. I don't want to feel my fandom die again. >_>
  3. Sol Falling
    2008-06-25 22:58
    Sol Falling
    Hmm, glad to hear that. I agree that Suzaku's selling out of Lelouch constitutes a serious collapse of Suzaku's obligations as a friend, but ultimately I feel that Lelouch is the one who has most severely failed his loved ones.

    :P I tend to go for the underdog in some fandoms too, but then again there are a couple where I'm pretty much mainstream. I think in Shirley's case it's mainly because I'm hit pretty hard by Code Geass's scenarios of 'what could have been' (Shirley's mindwipe, Euphie's massecre), so I end up wishing really hard that Lelouch could regain some of what he's lost.
  4. Rising Dragon
    2008-06-25 20:41
    Rising Dragon
    Oh, I don't mind. I don't hate him that much, I just have something against friends selling out friends, but each character has its strengths and weaknesses, after all. In some instances, he's better than Lelouch.

    As for Shirley... I seem to root for the underdog when it comes to possible relationships.
  5. Sol Falling
    2008-06-25 20:18
    Sol Falling
    :P Heh, I haven't really bothered with these friending functions on animesuki. I'll be glad to celebrate LuluxShirley with you, but I'm a pretty big Suzaku fan as well so (going from your posts in the Suzaku thread) our opinions might not mesh as well as I first thought.

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