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Conversation Between Rika-chama and Kudryavka
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  1. Kudryavka
    2010-08-07 01:54
    Thank you.
  2. Rika-chama
    2010-07-20 14:36
    ah. and cheers!
  3. Kudryavka
    2010-07-20 06:01
    Hm, I always see a green bar in my browser. Downloaded it and it's fine, hm. :/ Nvr mind then.

    And accepted.
  4. Rika-chama
    2010-07-20 05:59
    Not quite sure what this green bar you're talking about is <scratches head>
  5. Kudryavka
    2010-07-19 05:04
    It seems that your avy is a bit glitchy. I see a big green bar on the bottom flashing.
  6. Kudryavka
    2009-06-19 23:44
    666 posts??!!!!!
    But you're a shrine maiden, anyway. You can ward off the evil.

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