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Conversation Between Rika-chama and hignum
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  1. hignum
    2009-08-11 01:28
    oh i see... i wonder if u'd be interested in joining my forum tat i open 4 all signum fans cuz i'm one of her fans.. i'd be very happy if u cud invite some of ur frens n see if they're interested too. I want to open a forum topic but not enough ppl to chat with...
  2. Rika-chama
    2009-08-11 00:34
    Are you talking about why 7Arcs made Zafira a guy? They prolly did that to be a potential partner for Arf. Gotta have /some/ token hets in there, ya know lol
  3. hignum
    2009-08-10 01:06
    yea. i wonder why they even put in a guy?? they shud've put another gal instead dont u think??
  4. Rika-chama
    2009-07-27 21:48
    Hey, Hignum, saw you came by and commented on this:
    Picture Comment
    I'm pretty sure you're just new, but you might wanna re-look at that picture ^__^ that's Hayate and the rest of the Wolkenritter. If you'll notice that wrapped around Zafira (in wolf form) is Laevantein in Schlangenform (Snake Form). It's actually kinda funny and sorta sad at the same time, as Zafira never gets any respect and has to live with 5 women.

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