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Conversation Between Kyral and Kyero Fox
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  1. Kyero Fox
  2. Kyral
    2011-04-08 10:27
    "but going all girly and being scared of Ripley? wtf..."
    Well she's not going all girly so that is no problem at all, but I definitly agree with Ripley thing.
    That's actually the only thing I don't liked in the game, made me ask who fucked up the continuity like that. Taking all the games into account she fought him at least 4 times before Other M. *sigh* The other thing I didn't liked that much was a design thing so it had nothing to do with the gameplay itself... Ah well...

    Sorry didn't saw the Zero Punctuation review of Other M, the last thing I saw of that was the review of Valkyria Chronicles wich showed me that he really lives to overstate things that are actually not really that problematic.

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