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Conversation Between Kyral and Kha
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  1. Kyral
    2008-12-01 15:54
    I killed him ;_;
  2. Kyral
    2008-11-27 15:46
    *jumps at Kha*
    W0000t! It works perfect! NINETHOUSAAAAND thanks!! \(^0^)/
  3. Kyral
    2008-11-26 12:58
    godda love non-verbal communication. xD

    You have my many thanks.
  4. Kyral
    2008-11-26 10:06
    *stare* jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ *-*
  5. Kyral
    2008-11-03 04:36
  6. Kha
    2008-11-02 21:51
    Now to add to this blasphemiously short profile page... with some self-selling.

    If you are interested, I've finally got my hands on the new Space Marines codex and... Canoness Marina Augusta Calgar, and the rest of the new and improved Adepta Belkarum list. I am on a genderbending crusade a la Strike Witches.
  7. Kyral
    2008-10-03 11:18
    Well... it's a little the same with me.
    If it really interests me I go and buy it. That's also the reason why I wait for Negima and I'm not reading the manga online.
    On the other hand, if I just want to check something I often look in the web.
    And as I stoped playing the TT game, I have the new codex tyranids only in e-form.
  8. Kyral
    2008-10-03 06:11
    *catches Kha with flesh hooks*
    No running in the corridors.

    Yes... the units look all very similiar, but the colors of the swarm fleets are very unique and easy to distinguish from others.
  9. Kyral
    2008-10-02 16:42
    Funny thing about my 'Nids, I had no Idea that red/black was the color sheme of Behemoth.

    Thanks for saying they are not "that bad".
  10. Kyral
    2008-09-24 16:05
    Fugly 'nids... Oo

    I sucked even more then I thought...

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