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Conversation Between Kyral and Liingo
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  1. Kyral
    2009-03-12 14:04

    There is wisdom in all things, you just have to find it!
  2. Liingo
    2009-03-11 08:55
    I'm not wise at all...
  3. Kyral
    2009-03-10 15:45
    I call upon thee, oh lurker below!
    Please grant me thine wisdom!
  4. Liingo
    2009-01-11 06:23
    Well if it makes you feel any better I was ripped into by Tk last year.

    Still, a lot of the corrections I made weren't too bad, as I said in the pm, it's amazing what a missing or extra letter can do to change the meaning of the final word.
  5. Kyral
    2009-01-10 05:30
    It's funny how I always feel embarrassed, reading your corrections. ^^;

    But it helps me a lot. Thank you.
  6. Kyral
    2009-01-08 08:54
    Alright! Thank you very much! :3
  7. Kyral
    2009-01-05 03:58
    Sorry to hear that, well I don't had much of an vacation either.

    Now I only have to invest a little more free time into writing and my next chapter is finished. ^^;
    Well... it may still take a while, so you still can take it easy.
  8. Liingo
    2009-01-05 02:28
    Unfortunately for me, I never had a vacation

    Just that I have limited net access at the moment. Fire away though. It might just take a little longer than usual.

    Then again, it's not like I had the best turn around time anyway..
  9. Kyral
    2009-01-04 13:27
    Still in vacation or can I pester you with stuff?

    Anyways, Happy new years! :3
  10. Liingo
    2008-11-08 04:07
    PM's received, will start with them shortly

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