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Conversation Between Kyral and MeisterBabylon
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  1. MeisterBabylon
    2013-12-25 10:39
  2. Kyral
    2013-12-24 15:06
    Merry X-Mas, Meister!
  3. MeisterBabylon
    2012-11-06 23:08
    The reason I swapped her name around because her mother owns the bakery, so Kurosawa Confectionary sounds better. Her grandfather is Vulkan Weber, who is smithing the massive deflector shield generator on a stick, Mjolnir. Hence I decided to pick Weber as the family.

    Her eye color was inspired by Nanoha's changing eye colors.

    Yeah Raijin is a term awarded to her by her fans for that massive static-discharging hammer that's large than her IS.

    Yes, cute bruiser. "She may just stick with the apparent contradiction of an innocent Cheerful Child who can mix it up in a bar fight." Closer to that.
  4. Kyral
    2012-11-06 14:18
    Not bad... not bad at all.

    I don't really know how her bright blue eyes got a tint of purple.. but ok... and i still think its funny how you always reverse her family name.

    I guess she is called Raijin because of "Thunder-god" = Thor?

    Her style is "Cute Bruiser"?
  5. MeisterBabylon
    2012-11-05 23:14
    Here's the summary fresh from the Infinite Stratos: Variations file I made from rebuilding all the disused OCs.

    Name: Erika Kurosawa Weber
    CV: Toyosaki Aki
    Nickname: Raijin-sama
    Age: 15
    DOB: 05-01
    Eyes: Blue-purple
    Hair: Brown
    Gender: Female
    Affiliation: Infinite Stratos Academy Class 1-2
    Occupation: Confectioner
    Classification: Pilot
    IS title: Dunois International MPIS Rafale-type “Thor”
    IS CV: Chris Hemworth
    IS style: Cute Bruiser
    Generation: 2G
    Storage Form: None

    Erika is a cheerful and bubbly person that loves IS and is incredibly good at cooking. She also tends to misunderstand and exaggerate things she hears, making her often the source of some strange rumours, or the victim of rather... questionable delusions. However, she is easily discouraged by all the high-fliers she is surrounded with, and it was only until her finding herself able to believe in her teammates that believe in her, that she fully unlocks her potential. Now she’s marketed as 200% genki.

    The daughter of a German IS technician and a Japanese confectioner. Erika grew up in small household in Germany, often helping both her parents with work. Do to her father's work, she grew up with a lot of love for Infinite Stratos and the dream to pilot one herself. When she was admitted to IS Academy, it was the happiest day of her life.

    While she grew up in Germany and most people perceive her as distinctively German, her mother trained her in Japanese customs so she would have no problems whenever the family visited her Japanese grandparents. She is fluent in Japanese, German, French, Nordic and English, and can understand a few other European languages. Not surprisingly, she’s the group translator.

    When she helps her mother and her grandparents at the bakery, she is often seen wearing a cute and frilly waitress uniform.

    Erika’s aunt whom she is close to is elected Prime Minister of Japan a few months before Erika was to be enrolled. Her grandfather is almost completing a weapon that would revolutionize IS combat. The Rafale tuned by her father has just arrived in the Academy. This would set the stage for her to be embroiled in one of the greatest scandals ever to hit Japan...

    She's now a member of the multinational idol production company SHOOTiNG ST@R, partly because of her ISper talents, and partly because of her accidental destruction of several things in Tokyo.

    Yes, this Rafale speaks English.
  6. Kyral
    2012-11-04 12:34
    *pinches bridge of nose* Gaaaahh... >.<

    Alright, I see... you nearly went all out with her didn't you?
    Oh well, maybe you could write me a summary one day... despite my withdrawl from OC'ing I still cherish them all, so I'm intersted how she fairs.

    Tbh, I miss the bursts of inspiration and not being lazy about writing.
  7. MeisterBabylon
    2012-11-04 10:47
    She's the star of her own movie, Mjolnir!

    She's also an idol of SHOOTiNG ST@R, a member of pop group HEMISPHERE, and her ISper ability gives her super strength.

    Personality and background all remained unchanged.

  8. Kyral
    2012-11-04 07:06
    Okay I totaly went out of the window and now that I managed to crawl in a little, I only have one question...

    What did you do to my Erika?
  9. MeisterBabylon
    2012-01-09 19:22
    "I'm sick of these motherfucking Decepticons on this motherfucking planet!"

    Btw, I think I should call them Kaizerin. They are the rebel faction on Nilfheim who aligned with Olivie and opposed Loki, who had fallen to Chaos.
  10. Kyral
    2012-01-09 11:09
    Hm... because of Mace Windu? Uh! Uh! wait I got it! BATMAN!
    *is stomped by Optimus*

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