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Conversation Between Bananoha and Tiresias
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  1. Bananoha
    2010-08-20 12:26
    .... I have little to no attention span. wwww

    Uhm, man, I should at least try to finish one a week now that some stuff has been cleared up. Unless you meant someone translating the PSP game 4koma? Don't think someone will do those anytime soon. orz

    My excuse is "helping" aers with the Nanoha PSP game and helping a friend with SonoHana08 amongst other things.... !
  2. Tiresias
    2010-08-20 10:15
    So, any luck with that doujin you mentioned before?
  3. Tiresias
    2010-08-08 13:07
    Well I'll leave that to you I guess. Of course, personally I think you should prioritize on whichever is quicker to finish(which one do you think?)...and yes, 15 Raws would be very welcome
  4. Bananoha
    2010-08-08 13:01
    Er, I'm supposed to be doing both. I'm just putting q-ice stuff on hold until I finish up the other 4koma, unless you want me to pause that and catch up to q-ice?

    We've done ~190 and he's onto 226 now.

    And did you want ViVid 15 raws? I could PM them to you.
  5. Tiresias
    2010-08-08 12:56
    So which do you end up doing? This one(url= or Q-Ice? How many Q-ice strips are left anyway?
  6. Bananoha
    2010-08-07 16:23

    But ja, Fate's quite the creeper in that guy's 4koma. The q-ice stuff is pretty crazy, too.

    PS - Yes, some of us refer to moonrunes are Japanese writing. Or just moon in general, like "Do you speak moon?"
  7. Tiresias
    2010-08-07 16:04
    ...Is that the same 4koma series where Fate is a raging Nanoha maniac and Nanoha is the oblivious chaste hero? Nice

    And yeah, this scene suddenly make Hanazawa a nice candidate for Stella

    PS: Is "runes" your way of saying japanese letters?
  8. Bananoha
    2010-08-07 15:47
    .... Ah, q-ice. I should get back to doing that....

    I think I wanted to try and finish another set of 4koma by [url=]this dood[/ur] since someone already handed me the scripts. Just the extra work of editing photos and not scans (ry
  9. Tiresias
    2010-08-07 15:38
    IIRC you guys once did a crazy Nanoha 4koma doujin . Why stop? No raws too? I miss that strip...
  10. Bananoha
    2010-08-06 10:55
    Raw availability since JINNSK doesn't seem to scan them anymore.

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