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Conversation Between Bananoha and Keroko
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  1. Keroko
    2010-07-07 11:12
    Yeah, I figured why take the risk?
  2. Bananoha
    2010-07-07 10:31
    (・ε・)ノ よろしく!

    Guess it's safer to PM than to say it's on ______'s visitor message page, eh.
  3. Keroko
    2010-02-04 16:30
    Eh, I'll just toss them on 4chan. No quicker way to spread things around the web than 4chan. Since they're movie raws I should be able to get away with tossing them in the Yuri section.
  4. Bananoha
    2010-02-04 16:12
    ... Yeah, mind saw Nanoha raws and linked to Force immediately. My fault for not actually reading the PM in a rush to speed up Force, sorry. orz

    And thanks. ( ._.) Tori from ZSS says you can have access to his FTP to distribute the raws if you want instead of waiting for mangahelpers or something. You can poke him here.

  5. Keroko
    2010-02-04 15:42
    Didn't I already send you five along with the Force link?
  6. Bananoha
    2010-02-04 15:34
    Er, thanks, but I thought five was the latest chapter 'cause you were talking about it in the manga thread....
  7. Bananoha
    2010-02-04 14:49
    Hmm, mangahelpers still doesn't have a Movie 1st section. Mind sending the raws my way so I can give the guys at ZSS a heads up?

    I think Tori just spent 60$ importing the Movie 1st and Force mangozines. ( ._.)
  8. Keroko
    2010-02-03 16:16
    I do? *checks post count* Huh, whadaya know. I do.

    And you're welcome. They don't seem to have a movie manga section though...
  9. Bananoha
    2010-02-03 16:07
    Yeah, just saw the file on mangahelpers a while ago. Sorry and thanks. orz

    Also, wtf over nine thousand posts.

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