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Conversation Between Izayoi and Mitsu Aoi
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  1. Izayoi
    2012-12-25 03:36
    You were online 2 days ago. I know because I stalk you still.
  2. Izayoi
    2012-11-09 18:35
    I miss you
  3. Izayoi
    2012-10-24 21:47
    I still love you. Best Friend Forever!
  4. Izayoi
    2012-05-05 02:16
    I <3 you!!!!111111 You are the best!
  5. Mitsu Aoi
    2012-04-30 02:54
    Mitsu Aoi
    Forgive me D:
    I can only Ninja'd in the net soo often
  6. Izayoi
    2012-04-19 00:06
    You didn't message me. I wish I was your favorite :<. Can you dere for me once for like 5 minutes?
  7. Izayoi
    2012-03-27 17:51
    I miss you Script. My affection for you is eternal. Will you marry me?
  8. Izayoi
    2011-12-26 11:22
    Wow. Zore wa zombie desuka? I really don't like how you just left me... But you are still my best friend forever no problem... Did the typhoon hit you guys badly?

    Hmph. Stupid Ashe. I am not worrying about you b-because I like you or anything. (blush) S-so don't get the wrong idea. Got that?
  9. Mitsu Aoi
    2011-12-26 05:30
    Mitsu Aoi
    I'm still alive but I can't get the time to be vacant We've survived the Typhoon Washi and a lot of stuff washed away.
    Still there but I can't get on all the time.
  10. Izayoi
    2011-10-17 16:01
    You just hate me don't you :< But I will still love you.

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