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Conversation Between ghazghkull and Evil Rick
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  1. Evil Rick
    2008-11-12 23:38
    Evil Rick
    I'm from Mexico

    You can get hacked programs here really easy but that's illegal @_@;

  2. ghazghkull
    2008-11-12 22:55
    It's spelled "which" btw, and what?! Not Vista compatible?!! This is blasphemy! DX

    And I don't think you want to spend the money just to get your hands on such a program that has spell check...DX could always attempt to pirate a cracked copy of Microsoft Word, but I have no idea what the repercussions would be for downloading an illegal copy of something that belongs to Microsoft...they can be...very stingy, to put it mildly.
  3. Evil Rick
    2008-11-12 22:43
    Evil Rick
    Unfortunely, I have a computer model of windows vista who doesn't not include any of the microsoft office basic programs

    Instead of Microsoft word, it brings a pitiful and poor program named "Word pad" wich doesn't includes spell checker

    Thanks for the help again
  4. ghazghkull
    2008-11-12 22:34
    Well is there any way you can get your hands on something like Microsoft Word? Actually...I believe there is a free program that also has spell check. The program is called OpenOffice. I have no idea what OS (operating system) you use, but one of the various version in it should be what you need.

    And I must say, your English in terms of spelling is getting a lot better. The only errors I see at the moment are "alos" which should be "also" and "usefful" which should be "useful". But otherwise, there are no problems.

    Oh and here is a little something that may or may not help you with your grammar, so if you choose to actually read this article.

    This should help you somewhat. But trust me, when people start noticing that your grammar is starting to improve, it will by far garner that much more attention from those who are normally scared away by your English. It's still cumbersome, but at least you're improving, and that's what counts

    Hope that this helps.
  5. Evil Rick
    2008-11-12 14:30
    Evil Rick
    Thanks for the back-up

    Yeah, I have some dictionaries Spanish-English that I normally use to seek for word and terms, I alos read my current fics many times before posting them (It's kinda funny that you always get noticed of Typos once you had alredy posted the fic )

    The only thing I think I could still use is a spell-cheker, but I don't know were to get one free, usefful and secure one

    Thanks again

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