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Conversation Between ghazghkull and RadiantBeam
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  1. RadiantBeam
    2011-01-26 14:21
    I honestly don't know where the original image is from. The icon was made for me by a friend.
  2. ghazghkull
    2011-01-26 14:20
    sexy pic of Rin. Perchance that you can direct me to the original image?
  3. RadiantBeam
    2010-10-12 21:09
    It's from the Unlimited Blade Works movie. ^^
  4. ghazghkull
    2010-10-12 10:49
    *pokes* Where that image of Saber come from? Doesn't look like it's from the anime series...
  5. RadiantBeam
    2010-08-14 15:06
    Yeah, and unfortunately I don't have much to work with here since I've gotten D's on my last two hourly exams. I also got an F for my practical, but I also have other lab exams and in-class assignments/attendance to factor in, so I think that one will balance out.

    I adore Misato. She's just so freaking awesome and has so many different sides of her personality. It's epic.
  6. ghazghkull
    2010-08-14 14:39
    Oh, that sucks :/ But yeah, Gertrud is apparently the appropriate spelling, but meh who cares XD

    *pokes image of Misato* She's hot :3

    But I personally prefer Rei XD all mysterious and the like |3
  7. RadiantBeam
    2010-08-14 09:53
    There is an 'e' added when they call her Trude, which makes it even more confusing! But apparently her name is spelled 'Gertrud', not 'Gertrude'.

    Lucky you. I still have my final next week.
  8. ghazghkull
    2010-08-14 02:02
    Well I believe the 'e' is added whenever it's spelled Trude, I dun noe |/

    And I think I did well on my exam So now....I AM FREE FOR THE REST OF THE MONTH
  9. RadiantBeam
    2010-08-10 18:26
    My dog could probably reach his knees, then.

    Oh? I've been meaning to write one for awhile, never got to it, though. I did have hints of it in my Mio/Yoshika fic, though. But I misspelled Gertrud's name. XD I put at 'e' at the end, and I'm too lazy to edit it.

    Oh, jeez. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Good luck with that!
  10. ghazghkull
    2010-08-10 18:24
    lol I have a friend who's 6' something, I think between 3"-6", and his rule of thumb is that if it doesn't reach his knees when full grown, it's too small for him lol XD

    And yes, Minna/Trude is a fun one :3 I have yet to see any on though. Wouldn't mind reading some :3

    And considering that I'm not officially enrolled in the Business Program, I don't get priority :/ Sadly I'm still considered under General Studies. So smart me, needs to get his application in soon DX

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