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Conversation Between paula_mink and unasuvas
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  1. paula_mink
    2009-02-06 20:47
    Polly, thank you very much!!!
    I've only one word to describe it, superb!!!

    Nabiki told me you are sick, I hope you get better soon!
  2. unasuvas
    2009-02-06 03:15
    I finally finished the sig.
    Sorry I made you wait so long. As an apology, I decided to do a colored manga sig and a matching icon. Hope you like them. If you don't like it, I can try making another one??

    Unfortunately I don't have the psd because of a PhotoShop error. D:
  3. paula_mink
    2009-02-02 21:26
    Hi! How are you?
    Long time no see 8D
    I forgot to send a friend request, can you accept it?
    ah, Did you manage to finish my natsuhi sign? 8'D
  4. paula_mink
    2008-12-27 23:41
    Yep, nabiki's a good friend of mine xD

    You can look for an image that suit better on your ideas for my sign 8D
  5. unasuvas
    2008-12-27 22:54
    Hello Paula!
    (Haha, You have the same name as my older sister; and it sounds close to my real name (Paulina))

    Yeah, I talk to Nabiki a lot through emails. I love talking to her; she's so interesting.
    I hope I can talk to you more too. Are you a good friend of Nabiki-nee-chan?

    Of course, I can make you a signature. I'd be happy to do it for you. Do you have an image I can use. Or I can look for a Natsuhi image myself? Whatever you want.

    And Happy New Year to you too~
  6. paula_mink
    2008-12-27 22:33
    hi polly 8D
    Nabiki talks a lot about you xD

    I loved your work
    could you make me a Natsuhi signature? ._.

    ah! Happy new year 8D

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