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Conversation Between Wild Goose and Alastor Mobius Toth
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  1. Alastor Mobius Toth
    2013-06-15 10:40
    Alastor Mobius Toth
    Let Yuzuka-senpai teach you, Goose.

    Ohahahahaha, wow. Yeah, I imagine that must've sucked for her. least, it wasn't the Duke of Cambridge. Or Prince of Wales.
    "Young lady, you do realize that I'm your future King?"

    That said, it's actually pretty dark. Basically, I.S meets Deus Ex, by the way of Metal Gear Solid V. Tabane is murdered along with Chifuyu after White Knight Incident, I.S technology is divided between world nations, and private corporations start illegal arms race over it, with Total Eclipse Corporation (TEC) leading it, and financing its own terrorists. Featuring Ichika as Phantom Task head, and child soldier.
  2. Wild Goose
    2013-06-15 09:46
    Wild Goose
    Well, yanno, according to certain persons, using this built in public function of Animesuki is stalking. :P Besides, I don't have an axe, so I'm a long way off.

    IS story concept? <.< Reminds me of a oneshot idea I had where Cecelia Alcott ran into a British Army Major at IS Academy who was there to scout for talent and as part of a team working on the Army Air Corps' IS doctrine. She started off being all high and mighty...

    Then she noticed he was wearing a sky blue AAC beret. He had Afghan campaign medals. His callsign was Widow Six Seven. And his nametag: Wales.

    Cue "OMG BSOD" from Cecelia as she realises she was a high and mighty bitch to Prince Harry.
  3. Alastor Mobius Toth
    2013-06-15 07:53
    Alastor Mobius Toth
    Pffffft, you need to get on Suzuka level first, if you even want to stand a chance.

    Also, it's being held up, by me working at the same time on I.S story concept, Aurora and Comet.
  4. Wild Goose
    2013-06-15 01:52
    Wild Goose
    Just so you know, I am apparently stalking you to bug you over the next episode of Extraverse Yui & Yuuya's stories.
  5. Wild Goose
    2013-04-10 09:50
    Wild Goose
    One helluva awesome 40k fic here.
  6. Wild Goose
    2013-02-14 01:10
    Wild Goose
    Sadly, it looks like Haggy's wielding the Armor of Hypocrisy, and it's so far managing to insulate him from all our powers combined.

    Hence I've now resulted to pulling a page from Ravenor's book, and now wield the Armour of Contempt.
  7. Alastor Mobius Toth
    2013-02-13 13:29
    Alastor Mobius Toth
    *Brofits* To make it more poetic I was listening to Apocalypse of Destiny when I wrote that. It was also the first thing I did in my morning too.
  8. Wild Goose
    2013-02-13 08:25
    Wild Goose
    Never have I wished more fervantly that rep still exists, that I may give you all my reps, for that post just now. Brofist!

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