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Conversation Between Ash Falls Town and Vexx
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  1. Vexx
    2011-11-04 02:43
    Ah .. I was mostly referring to the problem that the large legal providers historically trend towards what they think is popular to US viewers -- typically what I'll call 'young boy action series. It wasn't until a few years ago that the series I tend to like got licensed at all with rare exception. There has been some improvement in some aspects of what is streamed ... but its actually gotten worse in other aspects.

    My biggest concern in this area is that streaming can't replace a personal library. Its been repeatedly demonstrated in anime, netflix, e-books... that they can and will "turn off" access to specific series for a variety of reasons.
  2. Ash Falls Town
    2011-11-04 02:21
    Ash Falls Town
    I read something you said in the future of fansubbing thread and considered asking you about it in that particular thread but it's kind of a tangent and I don't want it to get off topic.
    We could talk about *what* gets streamed (oh, its not one of the "big 10", no you don't get that... or "oh we decided to stop streaming that" tough shit for you).
    Anyway by this I don't really get what you mean by big 10 since shows that don't get legally streamed include Madoka, AnoHana and Penguin Drum while shows that do get streamed include Rio Rainbow Gate, Hoshizora and Nekogami Yaoyorozu.

    Although there is the tea show but not even fansubbers are touching that

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