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Conversation Between lsley and Eps~
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  1. lsley
    2008-09-07 15:00
    thx for the tip, will as him asap ^_^ (I was already searching for online tuts, but they are all crappy somehow )
  2. Eps~
    2008-09-07 10:43
    *funeral song*

    ... or just find some online illustrator tutorials!

    ... or or ask escimo! He was doing some traces with it. Be sure to tell him I sent you to him, he loves helping ppl! /cough
  3. lsley
    2008-09-07 10:39
    thx, crap, I have it but I don't understand it ._. this is the end xD
  4. Eps~
    2008-09-07 10:27
    Oh you mean those kind of lines. For that you need illustrator!
  5. lsley
    2008-09-07 09:44
    ^^that's not a vector line, so it will behave diffrent if you increase the pic size. thx anyway
  6. Eps~
    2008-09-07 07:46
    I'm assuming you mean a horizontal line. 3 ways:

    - normal way with the pen tool, 2 points then stroke
    - with the line tool (in the shapes tools)
    - pencil or brush, then hold shift and drag - result, a nice horizontal line.

  7. lsley
    2008-09-07 06:41
    nah xD I'd like to know if it's possible to shape a simple line ._.
  8. Eps~
    2008-09-07 04:14
    A bit yeah. Why? Is it a crime?
  9. lsley
    2008-09-06 19:21
    thx =) do you have an idea of vectoring?
  10. lsley
    2008-08-04 11:43
    xD *beg beg*
    but better hold it a secret, last time there were a lot of people telling me they love my sig, and when the voting came everyone was tired of it so showing it from the start is not a good idea

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