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Conversation Between Ichigo-Sora and Marina
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  1. Ichigo-Sora
    2014-07-26 11:33
    Thanks Marina! ^^
  2. Marina
    2014-07-26 03:10
    Just popped back on AS after a long break and saw your lovely summer banners! Congrats ^^
  3. Marina
    2012-07-26 04:02
    AHHH! Happy birthday ^^ Haven't chatted with you in ages, but I still hope that today is beautiful day for you <3
  4. Ichigo-Sora
    2012-01-01 13:58
    Happy New Year to you too, Marina! And congratulations on getting first place ^^ And I'd love to make the profile pic and poster (:
  5. Marina
    2012-01-01 05:44
    Hey Ichigo! Happy New Year, and congrats on having your banner win a slot for the forum Also wanted to know if you'd be interested in making a profile pic for the MAL ISML Club. If you're also interested in making a poster for the club description, one that matches the profile pic's style, that would be AWESOME. But, feel free to say no if you're busy
  6. Ichigo-Sora
    2011-12-23 16:16
    I really like it! The only thing that looks a bit out of place to me is the light blue on the bottom left of the banner, but its fine even if you don't change it ^^
  7. Marina
    2011-12-23 03:12
    np and since I value your gfx opinion, would you mind letting me know what you think of my entry?
  8. Ichigo-Sora
    2011-12-21 22:48
    Thanks ^^ I'll go post it now (:
  9. Marina
    2011-12-21 06:55
    Gorgeous banner! I saw your entry in the discussion thread Don't forget to post it in the official submission thread, too <3
  10. Marina
    2011-07-26 17:12
    Happy Bday

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