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Conversation Between Ichigo-Sora and Marina
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  1. Ichigo-Sora
    2010-07-26 23:17
    Thank you Marina ><
  2. Marina
    2010-06-27 18:48
    Thankies Ichigo-Sora >.<
  3. Marina
    2009-12-27 03:06
    Decided to follow your lead w/ the banners with the cutting off of the girls' faces >.< More mysterious, more in spirit of the contest! Thanks for setting the standard
  4. Ichigo-Sora
    2009-12-24 13:36
    Thank you for the Christmas signature ^^ Merry Christmas!

  5. Marina
    2009-12-24 02:08
  6. Marina
    2008-12-24 01:56
    thank you so much for the wonderful xmas siggie and the help with the coding! You're a sweetheart
    forgot to mention that you chose my favorite anime ^_^ +100 pts!
  7. Ichigo-Sora
    2008-12-24 01:16
    I've sent over the coding in a PM ^^

    Also, thank you for the Christmas signature ^^ I've made one for you too, and have included in the PM as well.
  8. Marina
    2008-12-23 18:35
    Sortof a silly question, I've noticed both you and KiNA do this occasionally: how do you make it so that in your sig, the text is lined up all nicely to the side of your sig?
  9. Marina
    2008-12-23 08:32
    strawberry sky! Made you a xmas siggie, posted in my thread

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