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Conversation Between totoum and SilverSyko
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  1. SilverSyko
    2012-03-12 17:12
    Yeah I don't tend to pay much mind to pre-airing reception. There's little to get out of it aside from what everyone's expectations of the show are.

    After it airs is when I pay attention, because there's always the possibility of something that ends up being more interesting than it appears to be.

    But I guess I'll admit when you have SHAFT of all studios making an apparent magical girl series, I guess expectations may be different considering the surreality of their works.
  2. totoum
    2012-03-12 10:30
    Hey there
    A bit off topic in the BRS thread but I still want to adress this

    I think the only reason episode 3 of Madoka Magica is considered the "greatest thing ever" is because nobody who was originally watching it was expecting for a character in a magical girl show to be brutally killed like that.
    Nobody?Nah,people over at animesuki knew what to expect
    You can check out the posts on the Madoka Magica general thread,it's full of people speculating about how the show would not be your typical magical girl anime,there's even a post that says

    It's kind of funny that we are so sure that this series will become a horror/tragic anime when it is not even aired yet. As I've already said, it would be a big surprise if it doesn't turn out like we anticipate.
    The thread has like 500 posts in three months before the anime even aired,that's one of the highest postcount I've seen in animesuki.There was already huge hype among japonese otakus about Madoka and how it most likely wasn't what it advertised itself as.

    Though maybe since you label yourself as the anti-otaku you wouldn't have known what otakus were expecting out of the show.

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