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Conversation Between totoum and Flower
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  1. Flower
    2015-12-13 04:41
    A very happy birthday to you! So there!
  2. Flower
    2015-11-15 16:07

    Glad to hear you are okay.... ^^
  3. Flower
    2015-04-04 06:06

    I like Karaokes!

  4. Flower
    2014-12-13 04:54

    Happy birthday!

    So there!

  5. Flower
    2014-09-25 16:01
    Heheheh ... nothing like being appointed for a surprise like that out of the blue, eh?

    Well ... that's good that the company covered all the expenses in any event.

    And didn't mean to pressure or what not ... was moreso inquiring. ^^
  6. totoum
    2014-09-25 15:54
    Neither, it's actually 100% work related.
    My supervisor came in one day saying "management needs someone to help setup offices around europe and train the staff, I nominated you"
    Was chosen and went to 8 different cities, not much fun but at least everything was covered by my company.
    I'm hoping to take 2 weeks off next month and as part of that attend the Scotland loves anime festival, appart from that havn't given much thought to the fall season yet.
  7. Flower
    2014-09-24 16:08
    Oh ho? Did not know you were traveling. Nice. Vacation or such after lengthy working? Or just the August month shutdown thing? In any event good to see you are doing okay and are back safe and ... umm ... I assume you are back safe and sound? Didn't lose any limbs on your travels or such like? O_o

    In any event have you been able to level a gaze at the upcoming season at all? And if so anything catch your interest or pique your curiosity?
  8. totoum
    2014-09-24 15:54
    When was the poll mad? because if it was back in august I was traveling all around europe so that 95% would have been wrong
    Back in Ireland now though.
  9. Flower
    2014-09-24 15:39
    Good news btw ... in a poll of members of A-S it was 95% decided in favor of the fact that you are indeed living in Ireland.

    So you can sleep without any existentialist worries from now on regarding that....
  10. totoum
    2014-09-10 00:49
    I'm not quite sure I followed that
    Though it sounds like something Sora from sketchbook would do and that's cool!

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