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Conversation Between totoum and Iron Maw
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  1. Iron Maw
    2015-01-01 00:42
    Iron Maw
    Welcome to 2015 totoum! I wish you success for any endeavors you choose take.
  2. Iron Maw
    2014-12-26 03:19
    Iron Maw
    Happy Holidays totoum!
  3. Iron Maw
    2014-01-01 08:53
    Iron Maw
    bonne année! Or is that how you say it in french?
  4. Iron Maw
    2013-04-14 08:39
    Iron Maw
    Spoiler for Hmmm...:
  5. totoum
    2013-04-14 08:04
    Animesuki is strict with its spoiler policy I'll post this here instead of the thread

    Originally Posted by Iron Maw View Post
    Okay, then it just makes the Titans waiting a century to attack mankind all the more baffling.
    I just want to say,now that I've started reading the manga,there's a perfectly understandable reason as to why the wall wasn't broken into yet,I don't remember seeing it mentioned in episode which sorts of baffles me, maybe I missed it.

    Spoiler for comparison between manga and anime:

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