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Conversation Between totoum and Sheba
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  1. totoum
    2011-05-15 08:06
    About the animeland article,I had missed part of the forum reactions,notably what the writer said when someone pointed out that he had written as if the show was over when in fact there were only 10 episodes out

    Auteurs et animateurs sont très ouverts à la communication. Internet permet aujourd'hui d'être en contact permanent sans barrière professionnelle. J'ai eu la possibilité de savoir comment se terminait la série en demandant l'information. D'ailleurs, je ne spoile pas^^
    Am I supposed to believe that,I mean ,really....REALLY??!!
  2. totoum
    2011-04-30 13:23
    And I'll keep things in english parce que même si je suis français l'orthographe français me fait chier

    All I was trying to say was that a 4/10 or 5/10 doesn't mean he found it the worst thing ever,just that he found it average
    Now finding Madoka average that's a whole other story.
    You might find it surprising but I do somewhat agree with him about some things,notably when he says that it's the plot that drives the characters and not the inverse,there's some thruth to that.

    Where I disagree is here:

    It's a plot that could only happen if it was pushed unerringly in one direction, and that's just plain bad writing.
    Kaijo just said almost any play written by Jean Racine has plain bad writing,I'm pretty sure quite a few french scholars would disagree with him.

    Also I don't put kaijo and roriconfan in the same league at all,

    Here is a list of all the things the show trolled in the latest episode.

    1. Both Mami and Kyoko said that familiars turn to witches and that some witches drop witch eggs. All I saw was Sayaka turning to a witch immediately, contradicting all we were told before. And where do soul gems go if not all witches have one? Where do the soul gems of dead magical girls go? Is their energy still able to be collected by QB? If not, 50% of the total energy is lost right there.
    He posted that after episode 9,that's pretty impressive in a weird way to me.
  3. Sheba
    2011-04-28 02:57
    Just to comment on the review link posted by syna.

    If you had read it in its full detail and compared it to his other magical girl series reviews, you'd have seen what IS wrong.

    I mean, StrikerS gets a 9? Really? Story gets a 8/10? Are you kidding me? Anyone who have watched StrikerS can tell you that the biggest complaints about StrikerS are: #1. Animation quality in some infamous episodes. #2. Mismanagement of its big cast. Hayate did not get the development that he mentioned. She got shafted. HARD. Talking about Hayate in StrikerS to any Hayate fan will drive him into a fit of foaming and fuming rage. I am not kidding. #3. Terrible pacing of the story. Less time should have spent on the training episodes and most of the yuri tease should have been cut off.

    So, the problem is not really the author himself or the grade he have given, it is the writing in it and how he appears to attack the show instead of its actual objective flaws. And to claim that it is objective is just hypocrisy.

    PS: I'll add that I have started the magical girl genre early enough to understand what I like and not like about it. Magical Emi, Nanako, Momoko, Creamy Mami, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura and Princess Tutu I have seen them, I know what I like about some and loathe about others. So, if the likes of roriconfan want to give me a history lesson, well, I hope they like a good helping of Adidas Kebab.
  4. Sheba
    2010-12-29 08:07
    Yeah, a lot of his posts can't go without snide remarks about people's tastes or intelligence.
  5. totoum
    2010-12-29 07:46
    Posted this originaly in the "revolutionary anime" thread but then figured it was better to just post it to you here.

    Originally Posted by Sheba View Post
    If it is sarcasm, it is unwelcome and uncalled for, and I would advise you to lay off that shit.

    roriconfan on another thread:

    Nowdays, I have a dozen things to argue or dicuss everyday. Call it flamebaiting (boy, do I have a collection or reds for that) but keeps me occupied.
    So yeah,he's basicly just "occupying" himself by provoquing people

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