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Conversation Between totoum and Triple_R
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  1. totoum
    2015-09-23 17:52
    Still out there, life keeping me busy.
    Only summer anime I'm watching are Non Non Biyori and Charlotte.

    Going to an anime festival in scotland next month, they'll be showing the love live movie, do you know if I can watch it without having seen the TV show?
  2. Triple_R
    2015-04-25 23:12
    I have recently got the impression that Kill La Kill and Attack on Titan might have been bigger deals than I thought they were. Bigger deals outside of Japan, particularly in North America and Europe and Australia.

    If so, I hope that Kill La Kill can inspire more shows like it.
  3. totoum
    2015-04-25 22:58
    In light of your how mainstream is anime thread, what I find interesting in this CH vid is that KLK seems known enough to be referenced next to DBZ, gundam, akira...
  4. Triple_R
    2015-04-10 19:29
    Sound! Euphonium ep 1 >>>>>> Hyouka ep 1 <--- I agree with this (what you wrote on Pocari Sweat's wall). I honestly don't recall Tari Tari's 1st episode that well, other than that I recall liking it a fair bit. So I don't know if I can compare it well to S!E or Hyouka's first episode. But yeah, S!E had a better start than Hyouka did, largely because of pacing issues (Hyouka's first episode was rather slow, while S!E's strikes a good balance between lively and easy-to-understand).
  5. Triple_R
    2015-03-09 17:00
    Still waiting on that PM...

    Don't want to nag you, but I'm off from work today, and back to work tomorrow, so now (or a little later this evening/tonight) would be a good time to read/reply to a long PM.
  6. Triple_R
    2015-03-06 01:41
    Ouch. That hurts. But please re-type (as best as you can remember) and send again. Maybe copy/save your text in a word file before sending again.

    I tend to have some very good conversations about many different topics with you, so I look forward to your PM.
  7. totoum
    2015-03-06 00:01
    Had a massive PM about a bunch of different stuff ready to go and thanks to crappy hotel connection lost it all
    But I will start again, there's plenty of things I'm interested in hearing your opinion about.
  8. Triple_R
    2014-12-26 11:30
    Thanks! I had a pretty good Christmas with my family. I hope you had a happy Holidays yourself.

    Good to hear you have regular internet access again. I hope you enjoy the Santa Magica fanfic a lot! Without having you around for feedback, I was a bit cautious with your character and kept your dialogue somewhat low, but hopefully you'll enjoy what is there. Your power is certainly very, very cool and helped set up the funniest moment of the final chapter, imo.

    I look forward to getting your take on Santa Magica.
  9. totoum
    2014-12-26 11:06
    Hope you had a nice Christmas , finally enjoying your Fanfic after getting a new laptop for Christmas (my present to myself) , was without one for the past month or so.
  10. Triple_R
    2014-12-13 01:09
    Happy birthday! I hope you're enjoying my Christmas fanfic, Santa Magica.

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